‘Never underestimate the therapeutical power of driving and listening to very loud music’. This blog will be an attempt to pass on the positive effect hard rock and heavy metal have on my well-being. I have recently wandered musically around the world for good music only to land at my own doorstep finding the extremely high quality produced heavy metal with its roots in the area. It will be south of Helsingborg, Sweden, where this journey starts.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! Great blog! I was also at the Meshuggah show…I forgot all about all that snow!

    I live in Höör and work in Malmö and have a death metal EP coming out this Friday, would you be interested in hearing and/or reviewing it?

    Take care!


    • Hej Peter! So many thanks for your kind comment! The blog has been resting for a while since my work life situation has been really intense. The urge of getting back into the great music is now coming back and the timing is perfect for getting some new fresh local releases to write about. My idea is that here the message is only positive, but in a constructive way! I would be very happy to listen to your EP and, please, let me know how I best can get hold of it. Digitally or via hardware and your price! I live south of Helsingborg and also work in Malmö! Best regards, Peter N

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