Bombus bombardes!

Supporting act to Danko Jones was Bombus from Gothenburg, which was formed in 2008. Two full length CD’s the band has released. ‘Bombus’ (2010) and ‘The Poet and the Parrot’ (2013). Yesterday evening we were honoured to have the band on main stage at the Tivoli in Helsingborg.


Bombus bombardment in songs like ‘The Poet and the Parrot’ and my own favourite ‘Cut Deep’ set the mood of the Tivoli floor. It wasn’t packed during their excellent performance, but Danko Jones fans arriving gradually found an interesting meeting in this coming Swedish hard rock band. The at times ‘punk’ influenced songs we understand go very well in line with Danko Jones repertoire. To be able to see Bombus’, i.e. Feffe (guitars, vocals), Jonas (bass), Matte (guitars, vocals) and Peter (drums), tour plans for this coming November and December in Europe gives me, and I hope many more, a great urge to see them in a full length concert. As we discussed Friday, just before Danko Jones was to enter the stage…Bombus three last songs were cruel and another half hour with them would have put some extra pressure on the evenings main act from Canada.


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