Meshuggah, The Halo Effect, Orbit Culture & Scar Symmetry in Lund

Meshuggah at Sparbanken Skåne Arena, Lund

Rockfest Metal arranges. Tickster sells the tickets. Sparbanken Skåne Arena in Lund is the place. March 31, 2023, is the date. Meshuggah (Umeå, SE) is the announced headline act. Supergroup The Halo Effect (Gothenburg, SE), Orbit Culture (Eksjö, SE) and Scar Symmetry (Avesta, SE) supports. It’s the perfect arrangement. It’s four bands of highest quality. The arena is great and it’s a total metal evening. The setting up of the four bands with not more than half an hour in between goes super smoothly. This is all an impressive arrangement and the professional performance of the bands says it all. The metal evening set up of the four bands in this tour format is now over and here a tribute is paid to the world class metal, which was presented.

Scar Symmetry

Being a first time visitor at the Sparbanken Skåne Arena with a careless planning of arriving on time sadly made me miss the first quarter of Scar Symmetry’s opening act of this metal evening in Lund.

Robert Karlsson, Lars Palmqvist
Robert Karlsson, Per Nilsson

Scar Symmetry was formed in Avesta (SE) 2004 and plays melodic death metal. The band connects to metalsouth preferences via having toured together with Soilwork in 2005. Six albums with seven singles have been released and they are signed to Nuclear Blast Records (source: wikipedia). With deep regrets, I still got 15 minutes of high quality metal from this band. Let’s look forward and plan for a full length gig with these guys. And they are Lars Palmqvist (vocals), Roberth Karlsson (vocals), Per Nilsson (guitar), Benjamin Ellis (guitar), Andreas Silén (bass) and Henrik Olsson (drums).

Lars Palmqvist

Why not find our more on via the band’s Facebook account and official web site.

Orbit Culture

Richard Hansson, Christoffer Wallerstedt

Orbit Culture was formed in 2013 in Eksjö (SE) draws also towards melodic death metal, but has also a touch of groove metal. The band consists of Niklas Karlsson (vocals, guitar), Richard Hansson (guitar), Fredrik Lennartsson (bass) and Christoffer Wallerstedt (drums). (source: wikipedia).

Niklas Karlsson
Niklas Karlsson, Fredrik Lennartsson
Christoffer Wallerstedt

Thanks for a very professional performance and please, find out more below on their official web site and Facebook account respectively.

The Halo Effect

Daniel Svensson (drums), Mikael Stanne (vocals)

The supergroup The Halo effect which started its creative co-operation during the COVID-19 pandemic with the intention to return to the classical ‘Gothenburg sound’ of the 1990’s. The band consists of Niclas Engelin (lead guitar), Peter Iwers (bass), Mikael Stanne (lead vocals) and Daniel Svensson (drums). Jesper Strömblad on (rhythm guitar) was for this live gig replaced by Patrik Jensen (rhythm guitar). Jesper Strömblad, Peter Iwers and Daniel Svensson have a long co-operation and story together in metalsouth favorite In Flames, Gothenburg (SE). Pioneer bands of the Gothenburg melodic death metal sound normally are referred to as In Flames, At the Gates and Dark Tranquility. At the Gates is said to be the first with its debut album ‘The Red In The Sky is Ours’, which was heavily influenced by among others Entombed from the Stockholm side of the country and Swedish metal sound palettes. This subject demands a separate post and may come later. Mikael Stanne (lead vocals) is today the only remaining founding member of Dark Tranquility, a band still going highly strong and can be read about in other post of this blog. (source: wikipedia)

Peter Iwers, Mikael Stanne
Daniel Svensson
Niclas Engelin
Niclas Engelin, Peter Iwers, Mikael Stanne
Niclas Engelin, Peter Iwers
Patrik Jensen
Peter Iwers, Patrik Jensen
Mikael Stanne

All of a sudden Peter Iwers left the scen and the band was without its bass player. With an audience in suspense for 30 seconds Peter was back with another bass guitar. What happened? It was probably not related to a sound effect, but rather to a broken string.

Patrik and Nicklas

Thanks to The Halo Effect and the feelings they created in us via songs like The Defiant One (the newest release) and Gateways (1st release of the band) were super strong. Mikael Stanne creates a tight feeling with the audience via a relaxed talk in between songs by describing the work of the band and its history. These professional musicians fill the arena with musical tightness and happiness. Loads of smiles while setting the songs without any flaws. The feeling of an already good red wine, which gets better by age, came to mind. Just great!!

Really valuable information can be found via links below on the band performing at the Gothenburg 400 Years City Anniversary June 2-5, 2023, the Swedish Grammy nomination and their upcoming May tour in North America. You may also via FB get hold of ‘The official The Halo Effect band documentary’. Congratulations to all Gothenburgians and ticket holders and good luck from metalsouth touring.


To call the three previously described bands for ‘support acts’ would be wrong. The quality of the four bands performing made the evening more of a mini metal festival. To be honest, I booked tickets for the Lund event in order to see Meshuggah, instead of buying tickets for Copenhell with a Swedish krona, which has never in history been weaker. As the saying goes…Swedish money makes best value by staying in Sweden. To see Meshuggah at Copenhell will be great for those having enough of strong Danish currency.

Meshuggah made me go to Lund and there I was lucky to get more acquainted to Scar Summer, Orbit Culture and The Halo Effect. I’m happy for my choice this year thanks to this evening and will return to Copenhell when maybe all of these bands are in the band list.

Jens Kidman, Dick Lövgren
Fredrik Thordendal
Fredrik Thordendal, Jens Kidman, Mårten Hagström, Dick Lövgren

Meshuggah (meaning ‘crazy’ in Jiddish) landed in Sweden after a successful tour in North America. The band formed in Umeå (SE) in 1987 needs no detailed presentation, since they are moving towards the world top of the metal scen. Still, the members are Jens Kidman (vocals), Dick Lövgren (bass), Tomas Haake (drums), Mårten Hagström (guitar) and Fredrik Thordendal (guitar).

Tomas Haake, Dick Lövgren
Fredrik Thordendal, Mårten Hagström

It’s great to watch interviews with band members (check out YouTube) and how sound they are with it comes to be classified in different genres like progressive metal, groove metal or math core metal. The basic idea seems to be that the music shall groove and the sound recognizable. The music the band presents may be complex, but the sound is so compact and gets in under your skin. My heart skips a few beats, which are replaced by the heavy rhythm blasted out from the stage. I’m so happy to have lived through this moment in Lund and can only congratulate those who will have the privilege to experience Meshuggah at Copenhell this summer.

Vinyls in collection

From own collection: Contradiction Collapse (1991/re-mastered 2018, Nuclear Blast), Catch Thirty Three (2005/re-re-mastered 2019, Nuclear Blast), Immutable (Atomic Fire, 2022), None (EP, 1994/re-mastered 2018, Nuclear Blast), I (EP, 2004/re-mastered 2019, Nuclear Blast)

The work of completing the vinyl Meshuggah collection, as can be seen above, is in progress. And there is some work left to reach the nine studio albums, two live albums and one compilation album (source: wikipedia).

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Helltown Indoors Helsingborg

Inhuman world class drummer, Peter Wildoer, Darkane

The metal month of March opened Friday March 3, 2023, at the Tivoli in Helsingborg at a raging pace. Tickets at only 250 SEK were secured since long. metalsouth local favorite Darkane, Eradikated (Ludvigsborg) and Self Deception (Stockholm) were performing. Conditions cannot really be better. A hard working Darkane, which always delivers extra, connects with the fans on the floor before and after the gig and new great influences from Eradikated and Self Deception.


Eradikated are Elvin Landaeus Csizmadia (song, guitar) Ragnar Östberg (guitar), Erland Östberg (bass), Calle Frogner Moberg (drums)

The former ‘The Generations Army’ from Ludvigsborg in central Skåne conquers the room at the Tivoli with its old school thrash. Please, read the very good article in (Nov. 19, 2021 by Fredrik Brolin, link below) to get familiar with the band and its members.

We are very grateful to Eradikated for the energy forwarded from the stage and we will follow these guys more carefully, listen and learn more.


Self Deception are: Andreas Clark (song), Erik Eklund (drums), Ronny Westphal (guitar), Patrik Hallgren (bass)

The Stockholm based Self Deception was formed in 2005 by Andreas Clark and Erik Eklund (source: Wikipedia). Please, read their story told by themselves at their homepage via the link below:

Very appreciated that the more classical hard rock of Self Deception blended together with the more old school thrashy Eradikated set the atmosphere for Darkane to enter the stage. Also here we will listen absolutely much more and follow the band, which will play at the Sweden Rock Festival in Norje, SE, this coming summer.


Klas Ideberg, Christofer Malmström

Darkane prepares for a Latin America tour in March and gave the fans a great evening with the perfect example of how hard working and rocking the band is. Andreas “Andy” Solveström (Amaranthe, Within Y, source: Wikipedia) replaces Lawrence on the Latin America tour and makes great job this evening. During the first song we were obviously not the only ones who missed Jörgen Löfberg’s intense bass playing. Upon the introduction by Christoffer of Andy, he could also inform that Jörgen went to the ER the day before. The band informs via Facebook that he had a surgery shortly after, but will be back for the tour. Andy fits in perfectly, makes a really good Inhuman Spirits and Peter, Christoffer and Klas put in the highest gear to cover for Jörgen. It was a privilege to be at the Tivoli this evening and to see Darkane again prove that hard rock/heavy metal is for the hard working people.

Andreas “Andy” Solveström
Klas, Andy, Christofer
Inhuman world class guitarist, Christofer Malmstrom
Peter Wildoer
Christofer, Klas, back to back
Klas, Peter

We thank Darkane for a memorable evening and wishes of the best of luck in Latin America. We will surely make comments here, but kindly follow Darkane’s tour via their social media. The Opening concert will be tomorrow March 16, 2023, in Mexico City, Mexico. Buena suerte, hombres!

What more to wish for to achieve a perfect evening than to acquire 3 vinyls of Darkane. Happily we got the 3 last albums for sale in the merchandise corner and having taken a great leap towards a full house of Darkane productions in vinyl. Layers of Lies (2005) is missing.

Own collection; Upper shelf from left; all albums are by Massacre Records: Rusted Angel (1998/2022), Insanity (2001/2022), Expanding Senses (2002/2022), Demonic Art (2008/2022), The Sinister Supremacy (2013/2022), Inhuman Spirits (2022)

Please, follow us on social media and Discogs, where vinyls and CDs are for sale.

Metal Month March

A calling and welcoming to all metalheads and others in the region and elsewhere!

The month of March is full of fantastic metal events within the metalsouth region. Very much worth highlighting are a couple of happenings, for which we have secured tickets, will enjoy and cover. As usual, we will do our best to pass on the positive energy via a few lines and some photos. Please, find below some pre-gig information and social media links for an easier access to band information and ticket purchases.

Helltown Indoors, coming Friday, March 3, 2023, The Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden

We can’t wait to see Darkane again…

Christopher Malmström, Darkane, at Grytan, Helsingborg, July 1, 2022.

Darkane prepares for a South America Tour during March 2023. The band takes the opportunity to give local fans a taste of what will be delivered down there. This summer in Grytan was really awesome.

Find out more information about tour dates, towns and tickets.

Self Deception (Stockholm, SE) and Eradikated (Ludvigsborg, SE) will also perform at the one evening indoors festival. Check them out via links below. Join their energy, buy a ticket and experience a total live metal evening in Helsingborg.

We have our tickets, get yours and find out more information at:

Meshuggah and the Halo Effect, 31 March 2023, Sparbanken Skåne Arena, Lund, Sweden

Last time at Moriskan, Malmö, February 23, 2017.

Jens Kidman, Meshuggah, Moriskan, Malmö, February 23, 2017.

After more than 6 years we will have a chance to see Meshuggah during the Immutable Tour 2023 and this time in Lund. The band’s brutal style and fantastic live show puts them in the absolute world top of the heavy metal genre. Some memories from last time comes to mind including heave snow, rain and wind. It was a hassle to get there, described in a post from that fantastic evening.

Mikael Stanne, Dark Tranquility, KB, Malmö, Dec. 8, 2013.

Meshuggah presents a special guest, the super metal group The Halo Effect, which was formed during the pandemic 2020 by a couple of friends of the Swedish West coast. Band members are normally connected to metal mega groups Dark Tranquility and In Flames. Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquility is also lead singer of The Halo Effect. Support will be given by Orbit Culture (Eksjö, SE) and Scar Symmetry (Avesta, SE). This evening can’t get wrong with so many giants performing from the same stage.

March will be full of great musical events in the metalsouth region, which will create happy memories. If you’re in the neighbourhood, get tickets and get there. We will do our best to spread these happy moments along. For more only positive information on hard rock and metal, please, follow us at Facebook, Instagram and Discogs:

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Jethro Tull in Helsingborg

Ian Anderson (vocals, flute)

On May 22, 2022, the progressive rock band Jethro Tull visited Helsingborg. The band with front man Ian Anderson started its musical journey 1967 in Blackpool. 55 years later the sitting audience in the Helsingborg concert hall was taken on a musical trip “The Prog Years” through times in which 46 albums have been produced (studioalbums, live albums, compilation albums, source: wikipedia). In 2022 “The Zealot Gene”, Jethro Tulls latest album was released. The first album, “This was”, was released in 1968.

John O’Hara (keyboard)

Without the deep knowledge of the band discography and musical successes I had a great time accompanying a friend and Jethro Tull knowledgeable. Classical albums like “Aqualung” (1971) and “Heavy Horses” (1978) goes withouth saying have passed my record players over the years. The concert, or more of the “historical show”, therefore was very educational.

In a very memorable welcoming by Ian Anderson he asked the audience supported by a huge graphical “prohibition sign over a mobile phone” asking everyone to turn off their mobiles during the show. At first a surprising sound in the concert hall was heard and then immediately followed by nodding and expressions were heard like: “What an excellent idea! Really brilliant!” Already half through the first song Ian Anderson playing a flute solo and doing the famous one leg pose spots one person just below the scene filming by mobile phone. Mr. Anderson points with a full hand at the person and by clear body language asks again for the mobile to be turned off. If anyone has that on film it may be a classical sequence! The discipline thereafter was spotless and everyone was given the time during a few last songs to film and take photos. For that we say thank you and how great it was to relax on taking pictures and focus on the presentation!

Ian Anderson: “No photography, please!”
David Goodier (bass)
Joe Parrish (guitar)
Scott Hammond (drums)
A tribute to Jethro Tull for a great show!

With an increased knowledge of the band via a fantastic concert in Helsingborg and a really full and well written article in the Swedish “Rock’n’Roll Magazine #1/2023” (pages 43-54, “Guiden till Jethro Tull” by Anders Lundquist) we would like to spread the musical message of the band by guiding to our Discogs account where a number of their original LP releases are listed for sale. LP’s are used, but in good VG+ and VG condition on media and cover/inner sleeve. Please, use the link and easily search and sort at the metalsouth discogs account on “Jethro Tull”. In a recent post under “Records” a picture of the albums may be found. Please, note that some are sold already. Below can also icons/links to our Facebook-, Instagram- and Discogs accounts be found. We hope to see Jethro Tull soon again and welcome back to Helsingborg!

p.s. In the excellent source of information, the article by Anders Lundquist/Rock’n’Roll Magazine referred to above, on page 44, we learn that Tony Iommi (Earth, Black Sabbath) made a short appearance in Jethro Tull in 1968. d.s.

Upcoming Christmas and Jethro Tull

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Jethro Tull

On May 21st 2022 Ian Anderson and the Jethro Tull band visited the Helsingborg Concert Hall. The fantastic journey through their career and through times formed in a fantastic show. This occasion demands a separate post, which will follow shortly.

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Various Jethro Tull LP’s

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A perfect title of this post would have been ‘Circular and Sustainable’ in the sense of the records being environmentally friendly. The vinyl is made from pvc and is, of course, sustainable in the meaning of surviving wear and tear over long periods and keeping a high quality sound standard. To only argue that the economical footprint still is much less than the streaming musical industry won’t lead to any progress. Research is made today on finding alternative materials to the pvc. This we will follow, learn and spread information about. The vinyl has made a massively strong comeback and the interest for the CD increases again. These media types are back and here to stay!

David Andersson, thank you!

This post was prepared to pay tribute and express happiness over the latest release and yet another fantastic album of Soilwork, ‘Övergivenheten’ (‘abandonment’/Nuclear Blast 2022). The devastating news on David Anderssons passing at only 47, on Sept. 14, 2022, reached us and we now lack words to express how much this hurts. We would like to say ‘thank you, David’ for all the happy moments you together with The Night Flight Orchestra and Soilwork has created for many people and for us personally. We would also like to send our deepest condolences to David’s family, friends and fellow band members. As have been announced by The Night Flight Orchestra (e.g. via Bandsintown, Sept. 17, 2022) ‘The legacy continues…’ and the planned mini European tour in Nov. ‘Death to false AOR’ will take place. We will take up the recommendation ‘to join the band in celebrating David’s life and music and dance the night away’. When the next gig stop is Helsingborg or Malmö we will be there. Vila i frid, David! / Rest In Peace!

Tivoli, Helsingborg, March 29, 2014.
Tivoli, Helsingborg, March 29, 2014.
David Andersson, Björn Strid and Sylvain Coudret of Soilwork, at KB, Malmö, Nov. 27, 2015.

Darkane – Inhumanly strong

On July 1, 2022, Swedish thrash metal band Darkane (Helsingborg/Landskrona/metalsouth region) entered the scene in ‘Grytan’ (‘The Pot’) at 9:40 p.m. as a part of the Helsingborg city festival, HX. Light rain and we were so lucky to be there and to experience this fantastic gig.

On June 24, 2022, Darkane released a new album ‘Inhuman Spirits’ (Massacre Records, 2022), which is their first studio album in 9 years. When we back on December 3, 2016, were lucky to have tickets for Peter Wildoer’s and Christopher Malmström’s metal clinic at Dunkers in Helsingborg the question to them both was natural. Is Darkane working on a new album? The answer also from them both was quite mysterious, but created a positive sense, which the crowd collectively applauded. Something was definitely going on. Time flew and fans patiently waited and started to question a release. Was this the album, which never was meant to be produced? The waiting was rewarded, since it’s tremendously inhumanly strong.

The album speaks for itself and its totally recommended, as being on the highest metal level. To listen to the album the vinyl way ‘side by side/track by track’ is, of course, the recommended way, but for the streaming listener tracks like ‘Inhuman Sprits, The Quintessence Of Evil and A Spiral To Nothing’ are great to warm up the speakers with.

Please, let us pay back to the band (Peter Wildoer/drums, Christopher Malmström/guitars, Lawrence Mackrory/vocals, Jörgen Löfberg/bass and Klas Ideberg/guitars) by posting some happy impressions below from the intense event in the Pot.

Family gathering surprise

Former band members and singers Andreas Sydow (1999-2007) and Jens Broman (2007-2011) were welcomed up on stage by Lawrence by the words: ‘Well, Darkane has been doing this for 24 years now (formed in 1998) and it’s time to welcome up former singers and Darkane family members Andreas and Jens’. The ‘Chaos vs Order’ performance was magical!

Must have’s in vinyl collection

In order to not only recommend the purchasing of any Darkane vinyl you can get your hands on also tempting by posting these extremely good cover art works. The albums are all worth to listen to, but covers may also be put in vinyl frames, e.g. the show and listen type.

From own collection: Inhuman Spritis (Massacre Record, 2022), Rusted Angel (Massacre Records, 1998/2022), Insanity (Massacre Records, 2001/2022)
From own collection: Inhuman Sprits (Massacre Records, 2022).


On vinyl in own collection: Sagor (The Sign Records, 2020, repressing), Äppelträdet (The Sign Records, 2018, repressing ) and Eorpe (Fuzzorama Records, 2018)

Being big supporters of Skraeckoedlan from Norrköping, SE, we have followed via social media their documented successful touring in Europe lately and have with longing eyes waited for an announcement of concert dates within geographical reach, like Helsingborg or Malmö. Happily we can now see on their Instagram account that Skraeckoedlan seems to enter into the metalsouth region on Dec. 2, 2021, at Plan B in Malmö before moving on to Denmark. We are now desperately trying to find out when and where tickets are released. But definitely – if Skraekoedlan is on the way to Malmö – we will be there waiting.

To classify bands and the style of music they play is alway hard and sometimes bands are unique in sound and performance and is not really possible to classify. To guide new listeners of the fabulous music of Skraeckoedlan we discussed a phrasing when preparing this post, but were helped by the band itself on Instagram with an urgin: “Tag your favorite psychedelic stoner/doom band that sings in Swedish and have a band name you can’t pronounce, and see if they reply.”

The Skraeckoedlan sound is their own and is very characteristic, but to make a comparison and some guidance we have to mention bands with sounds like Clutch, Kyuss and the more local Skånska Mord, i.e. with stoner influences.

The band was formed in 2009 in Norrköping, SE, and are: Robert Lamu, Henrik Grüttner, Martin Larsson and Erik Berggren. We take the opportunity to also pay tribute to fantastic artwork and design on the vinyl covers by Johan Leion ( (source: vinyl covers in picture above and Wikipedia)

We cannot think of a better re-start of going to a live concert now when corona restrictions in Sweden have been repealed. And wouldn’t it be great to post a few great pictures from the gig. That’s the plan at Plan B and very welcome here with your great riffs and hard hitting drums!!