The New King at Royal Albert Hall!

Albert King, Freddie King and B.B. King, The Three Kings, are all great inspirations to the living Mozart of the modern blues and hard rock inspired guitar playing of Joe Bonamassa. After many late nights enjoying from the living room sofa Joe Bonamassa and 10 of the greatest musicians on earth putting together one of the best concert recorded on DVD ‘Joe Bonamassa at the Greek Theater’ (2016) a decision was taken to try to get tickets to one of the two shows at Royal Albert Hall, London, in April of 2017.

The ticket hunt was a success and with two great Danish friends my wife and I had a concert experience on April 20, 2017, which can be stated as ‘once in a life time concert’!! What a building and what a performance!

In 2009 an even younger Joe Bonamassa played the Albert Hall and invited Eric Clapton as a guest performer. This time Joe Bonamassa is pretty lonely on the throne as the world class guitarist he is and is bigger than Eric Clapton, bigger than his King inspirations and can now be stated as ‘the new King’!!


Joe Bonamassa always takes great pride in stating that he has the greatest musicians in the world surrounding him. Reese Wynans is always presented as a former member of the Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble band, which was inducted into the Rock and Roll of Fame in April 18, 2015. This thread led me onto the Stevie Ray Vaughan career and lately there’s been a lot of ‘blues’ on my mind. Reese Wynans played in the band 1985-1990 and until the tragic death of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Wynans is 71 years old and is undoubtedly the world class musician Bonamassa talks about. We also could enjoy on stage the following musicians:

Lee Thornburg, Trumpet and Paulie Cerra, Sax.

Anton Fig, drums.

Jade McRae and Mahalia Barnes, background vocals.

The King and Michael Rhodes on bass.

Thank you to Royal Albert Hall for a great arrangement and thank you to good Danish friends for taking part in a fantastic and forever memorable moment.


Sweden Rock, June 6, 2014.


A dream came true on the Swedish National Day June 6, going with good friend to Norje, Sölvesborg, to visit the Sweden Rock Festival. It was a fanatstic day! A memory for life and let the pictures pass on the great music!

Thundermother – AC DC positively soundalikes and can take over the throne! Really great stuff and a good performance at noon in clear bright sunlight!! This is the band, which suffered a mass leave of band members during 2013. Remaining Filippa Nässil and Giorgia Carteri didn’t give in, and to now listen to Thundermother with new band members Claire Cunningham (song), Linda Ström (bass) and Tilda Stenqvist (drums) is massively good. And I’m only sorry not to be the one who caught the LP album of Rock’n’roll Disaster (Warner 2014), which they threw out in the audience. What a bright future and just let us know when and where the next performance will be!!

DSC00272 DSC00276 DSC00281 DSC00283 DSC00285 DSC00288




Joe Bonamassa – the best performance of the festival!?! Magical! Musically perfect! Must be seen and listened to again!! World class performance! No more words are needed.The man rules!!
DSC00306 DSC00300 DSC00296

Kvelertak – Norwegian heavy metal, which would have been even more enjoyable in darkness.

DSC00319  DSC00318


Annihilator – Canadian thrash metal top quality from Vancouver!

DSC00326 DSC00325






Canned Heat – American blues-and boogierock from California formed in 1965, drew more and more people forming one huge crowd when the wonderful groovie harmonica, bass, drum and blues sound spread all over the festival area. A bit of a nice contrast to the loud sound waves sent out from most band here. Personally, I had a great time! Some of the band members participated in the Woodstock festival at the end of the 1960’s!

DSC00357 DSC00351




Black Sabbath – ended this wonderful day and it must have been 30.000 in front of the stage. Expecations on a high level after the successful comeback album ’13’. I bought a copy when visiting Warszawa, Poland. The price of a CD there was really good in comparison to Sweden. And speak about value for money! Great album!! Fantastic performarnce with Ozzy’s voice being stronger by age!! We hope to see you again soon in Sweden, preferably in the metalsouth region!!

DSC00380 DSC00393 DSC00382



DSC00403 DSC00402 DSC00396


metalsouth raises before The Final Collapse

metalsouth more or less raises from the dead…

Due to a job change my mind has been occupied with getting the new stuff in and getting the old out!! Now when debits and credits have balanced finally and vacation time has arrived more great opportunities to catch up on several events during the Spring and Summer season are given.

Please, be ready for a season resume with great pictures and some real metalsouth impressions.


…among others, the clinically well performing Joe Bonamassa at the Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, Blekinge. The best performance of the festival?? This is the opinion of many!


Darkane as support together with Mörbultad (‘Battered’, Helsingborg hard core) to Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals at KB in Malmö. ENERGYYYY!!!

DSC00182…or Kayser as support to Outtrigger at Tivoli in Helsingborg earlier this Spring, which became a pretty peculiar situation, when the expected headline act all of a sudden became the support… Experience over youth?? Both give their best and the headline band was worth waiting and taking another final beer for!!


Since metalsouth is now up again, although stumbling…there will be more soon…

(Ref.: Some very inspirational lyrics in Soilwork’s song The Windswept Mercy in the double CD The Living Infinite, Nuclear Blast, 2013, for the title of this post and to just get going, get my act together and think about what’s important in life)