The Albums of the Year!

Soilwork (Helsingborg, Sweden)

The Living Infinite, 2013, Nuclear Blast Records

Readers may understand the strong feelings for Soilwork. The band with its roots in the soil of the region just closely south from here. Many critics doubted the success of releasing a double CD, all in all, with 20 songs. The album was welcomed by the fans and the critics gave  highest marks in many of the reviews.

Recommended tracks: This Momentary Bliss, The Living Infinite I and II, Antidotes In Passing, Parasite Blues (as here earlier indicated…don’t forget to read the lyrics, which are very influenced by the metalsouth nature and surroundings).

Darkane (Helsingborg, Sweden)

The Sinister Supremacy, 2013, Massacre Records

How great it was to meet Darkane live again at the Metalbar, Tivoli, and to see them again at KB, Malmö, recently was just great!! The sixth album release is from many said to be their best. Also like Soilwork is Darkane with roots from the next door village south from here.

Recommended tracks: The Decline, The Sinister Supremacy, Hate Repentant State

Odyssey / Black Temple (Helsingborg, Sweden)

Abysmal Despair, 2012, Transubstans Records

The album is from 2012, but qualifies here due to its high quality as a debut album. Also this album was welcomed with high scoring reviews by local culture critics. This is a hard noise rock band and, not to forget, hard working live band. The energy experienced and described in an earlier post qualify these guys as the most promising band seen here in many years. We can only hope that their mission is now spread over a wider landscape in the aftermath of their recent European touring together with Bombus. When can we get more songs, Black Temple??

Recommended tracks: Wicked With, Abysmal despair, Keloma, No Fucking Way, Darkred

Free Fall (Karlstad/Stockholm, Sweden)

Power & Volume, 2013, Nuclear Blast records

Freedom Rockers, they have been classified as. I would say that with an musical upbringing in the 1970’s with bands like Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC and Frank Zappa streams of happiness and nostalgia flow from listening to Free Fall. Mattias Bärjed who formed the band has heavy experience from The Soundtrack Of Our Lives has manged to put together a classical line up with drums, guitars, bass and vocals. The voice of Kim Fransson made a bunch load of us older guys (read: older AC/DC fans) happy when Free Fall kicked off the Metalsouth idea during Christmas Rock at the Tivoli late December 2012. Fabulous stuff!! Fantastic debut and just waiting for more!!

Recommended tracks: Power & Volume, Free Fall, World Domination

Welcome to Metalsouth!

Welcome to Metalsouth in Helsingborg, Sweden.

‘Never underestimate the therapeutical power of driving and listening to very loud music’. When I saw this sentence only a few weeks ago I had to laugh, because this is what I often do in order to wind down after a day’s work with a lot of numbers and hours in front of the PC. The intensity of the music and the effect on body and mind has become a way of living, a way of surviving and the keeping of all sorts of ghosts out of my head. The cleansing that takes place gives room for positive energy and all sorts of happy thoughts. Hard rock and heavy metal gives me a positive inflow of energy and makes me happy! For that reason, I have many musicians, lyricists and bands to thank for contributing to a fruitful and happy life. For that reason all musicians, lyricists and bands, who are mentioned here will be mentioned in a positive sense. A simple way of giving a thank you back and with the hope that maybe someone else may find some of my roads worthwhile walking. The start and initial focus of this blog will be geographically located to the south of Sweden, to the town of Helsingborg and its surroundings. After many years of listening starting during the 1960’s, but maturing in taste as a teenager in the harder form of rock and the development of metal during the 1970’s I have recently wandered musically around the world for good music only to land at my own doorstep finding the extremely high quality produced heavy metal with its roots in the area. It will be south of Helsingborg where this journey starts.