Record Store Day – April 19, 2014.


Why buy a record, a CD or a vinyl, when you can subscribe to a streaming supplier like Spotify or Google Play Music free of charge (including commercials) or pay SEK99 per month for a premium version which is commercial free??

I say that there’s definitely room for both kinds of media. I pay the SEK99 per month, but use the streaming possibility to listen to new music and test new bands and new releases I have heard or read about. It has also been perfect for playlist of graduation-and jubilee parties in our home. When DJ’ing at my wife’s birthday party I never forget the question: ” Is it possible to wish a song” and the natural answer was: “Sit here yourself and play your own favorites for a while”. This led to that everything from country to modern house to heavy metal was played and raised the temperature in the house. A perfect party in many senses and the music was commented positively by many!!

Still, the visit to a record store, today often with used records, is a positive and genuine experience. Usually the staff is so knowledgeable that the musical experience from buying a record is sweetened with some valuable facts. I reward myself every Friday lunch a visit to Roadhouze records in Helsingborg. Normally, a couple of CD’s have been picked out for me by the staff from incoming collections during the week. It’s great! I meet a person who knows his/her stuff. I get to talk shop with someone for a while. I get my compact product, with the booklet, lyrics, stories and photos and not to forget I get the songs presented in the order of the artist. Normally, the artist/the band has an idea with the order of the songs and I still always mess up how songs are played when I use the streaming suppliers. It’s so much more to this than just downloading a song, consume it and throw it out. The music and the records is a life style and the best way to meet the artist/the band without really and actually meeting. In this sense even the vinyl is an even better experience!!

Record Store Day started in 2008 and is celebrated on the third Saturday in April. New record releases are made this day. Artists/bands are performing in record stores all over the world. On Saturday April 19 is time again. Due to Easter holidays this coming weekend the celebrations will in Sweden instead take place next Saturday April 26. Our small contribution to Record Store Day will be, of course, to buy a couple more records, but also to here recommend a few related records stores in the metalsouth region. Please, check these three out. Pay them a visit or contact them for orders. (Roadhouze Records, Helsingborg, Sweden)

Latest buys:

LOK: Naken, Blästrad och SkitsurLOK: Naken, Blästrad och Skitsur (Sonet, 1999)

“Naked, Blastered and Pissed off”. Swedish brutal powerful metal worth listening to, although you don’t get the full meaning of the Swedish brutally lovely lyrics. (SEK79)


20497088-origpic-e0997c[1]Janne Stark: The Heaviest Encyclopedia Of Swedish Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Ever (Premium Publishing, Stockholm, 2013)

An unbelievably valuable book for any hard rock and heavy metal fan…not only Swedish ones. It’s all in the English language and it answers all of your questions you can ever think of on Swedish bands in the genre. It’s great and weighs a couple of kilos. (SEK449) (Sex Beat Records, Copenhagen, Denmark)

One of the few stores around, which sells new releases. Normally connected to making a one day trip to wonderful Copenhagen. Great experience. Great knowledge!

Latest buy:

Soilwork: A Predator’s Portrait (Nuclear Blast Records, 2013)1000x1000[1]

A new release of the album from 2001, digitally remastered and with three bonus tracks. Just awesome!!! ( Repeat Records, Lund, Sweden)

A fantastic record store in central Lund with an enormous collection of used vinlys! Good prices and a really good time can be spent in there.

Latest buy:

Frank Zappa: Chungas Revenge (Warner Bros. Inc.,1970)images[4]

This vinyl purchased for SEK200 made my road to a complete Zappa collection of vinyls slightly shorter.


Finally, we make a reference to the Swedish Rock’n’roll Magazine ( and the issue #6 2013 in which a great Record Store guide (Sweden) is published.


Odyssey/Black Temple – a working victory!

We came there to see Odyssey perform in a name change event. ‘It’s the fourth time we change names and each time it feels better’, Jonas Pedersen stated. Odyssey is now ‘Black Temple’. I can see the identity problem of the name Odyssey with a number of bands with this name all over the world. To search for Odyssey songs at streaming suppliers takes some time to hit correctly. ‘Black Temple’ as a name sounds right, the band logo is again stylish and if the sound is better…? Well, it was cruel, hard and noisy as Odyssey and Black Temple continues to work hard and collects another victory this evening.


Marcus Witold Östensson (guitars), Jonas Pedersen – (bass, vocals) and Jesper Karlsson (drums) give it all they have. Body and soul. This ‘hard noise rock’ gave me body ache like the worst gym session. I haven’t had my head ringing and my body aching from a live performance like this in a long time. Songs like ‘Wicked Witch’ and Abysmal Despair’ from the CD with the same name (2012) gives me the feeling of just wanting more.


More is to come…and to have the rumour confirmed that Black Temple will be the supporting act to Bombus on their European Tour during Nov-Dec this year only makes this heavy metal weekend even more perfect. Let my head keep ringing to rememer this great weekend! Another t-shirt reference must also be made here. I could only happily notice that Jesper Karlsson on drums started the concert in a Frank Zappa t-shirt (picture of ‘Chunga’s Revenge’, 1970), which triggers ideas and bridging over to other personally interesting subjects for this blog. Many thanks to Black Temple and the best of good luck for the coming tour in Europe!!