Darkane and Dark Tranquillity – Guides to the light through darkness!

When having confirmed by all the television weather men and women that the storm ‘Sven’ left our southern region to continue up north a feeling of great relief filled us all. Living in a weather stable area with four concrete seasons we now also face the strength of an affected nature and devastating storms arriving on a more frequent basis. ‘Sven’ was nasty and all the sympathy is hereby directed to all effected property owners.

The feeling of great relief promoted the possibility to still go to Kulturbolaget (KB) in Malmö on Sunday December 8, to listen to and support first of all Darkane and have a personally new live experience with Dark Tranquillity from Gothenburg, Sweden.

‘A picture is worth a thousands words’ and I will hereby try to forward the greatness of firstly Darkane, band members previously presented here in an earlier post, and the very experienced Dark Tranquillity. Band members to be presented below. Massive darkness may be the impression, but the feeling of happiness was concrete leaving Malmö close to midnight after Harkla (start),  Darkane (support) and Dark Tranquillity (headline). Darkness in music gives light in life!!

Welcome to Metalsouth!

Welcome to Metalsouth in Helsingborg, Sweden.

‘Never underestimate the therapeutical power of driving and listening to very loud music’. When I saw this sentence only a few weeks ago I had to laugh, because this is what I often do in order to wind down after a day’s work with a lot of numbers and hours in front of the PC. The intensity of the music and the effect on body and mind has become a way of living, a way of surviving and the keeping of all sorts of ghosts out of my head. The cleansing that takes place gives room for positive energy and all sorts of happy thoughts. Hard rock and heavy metal gives me a positive inflow of energy and makes me happy! For that reason, I have many musicians, lyricists and bands to thank for contributing to a fruitful and happy life. For that reason all musicians, lyricists and bands, who are mentioned here will be mentioned in a positive sense. A simple way of giving a thank you back and with the hope that maybe someone else may find some of my roads worthwhile walking. The start and initial focus of this blog will be geographically located to the south of Sweden, to the town of Helsingborg and its surroundings. After many years of listening starting during the 1960’s, but maturing in taste as a teenager in the harder form of rock and the development of metal during the 1970’s I have recently wandered musically around the world for good music only to land at my own doorstep finding the extremely high quality produced heavy metal with its roots in the area. It will be south of Helsingborg where this journey starts.