metalsouth wakes up from the dead!

Version 2

metalsouth is back after a couple of months of ‘other occupations’. To be able to pass on the impressions and great feelings from KB, Malmö on February 26, 2016, via a few words and more images is just the perfect comeback!! Now the summer festival season is upcoming and we can promise some great post related to concerts and smaller gigs. Why not follow us at Copenhell in Copenhagen only a few metres away from real hell during June 23-25, 2016, and Clutch at the great place KB, Malmö, on August 9, 2016. Some more really great events are upcoming. Not to forget the real fine musical new record experiences from bands like Entombed AD, Black Stone Cherry, Tremonti and the successfull experiment Hollywood Vampires. Thanks for your patience of still hanging in there reading our stuff and let’s continue roll, metal friends.

Refused! Refused!


It’s very tempting to write a lot about this bands really colorful history. Successful album releases, US tours, break ups and reunions. The bands history we leave aside at a magical evening like this. A personal reflection presented is that Refused was connected to metalsouth during 2015 due to the ‘Freedom’ (Epitaph, 2015) album release, not immediately to the musical content, but to the best looking album cover of the year. Paintings made by Fredrik Söderberg and Design by Daniel Andersson are absolutely wonderful and the buying of a 180 gr. vinyl full size design is obvious. Taking the next step listening to the tracks makes the album’s cultural experience one of the most fully fledged products we encountered during the year of 2015.

Recommended tracks: Elektra, Francafrique, Thought is Blood, Destroy the Man and Servants of Death. The whole album is complete!!

The gig at KB, Malmö on February 26, 2016, was one of the pearls of KB’s long list of great shows and hosting. One of the fine surprises of the evening was to see Mattias Bärjed (Free Fall and The Soundtrack Of Our Lives) the all metalsouth favorite, who can be found in separate post at this blog. Let us pass on the feeling of the concert…hardcore, punk, angry, politically spot on and interesting. These guys are at its best at an evening like this and a definite world class band. Our embarrassment of paying only SEK 300 (EUR 30) for the ticket is compensated by buying the band’s ‘Freedom’ T-Shirt and the 180 gr. vinyl with the fantastic cover. Just get it and be happy!! Some photos to join us in a concrete feeling lasting after more than 3 months!! metalsouth is back, metal friends!!









Refused is: Dennis Lyxzén – Vocals

Kristofer Steen – Guitar

Magnus Flagge – Bass

David Sandström – Drums

During the Refused Freedom 2015 tour supported by the great guitarist Mattias Bärjed.










Arre! Arre!



The evening of February 26, 2016, was perfect and the show was grand. Many of us oldies were there for the return of Refused and to get the live addition to the fantastic album Freedom (Epitaph, 2016) one of the best ever from 2015. Luckily we were there in good time to listen to the support of Arre! Arre! locally from Malmö, which surprised us in a really positive manner. The intention to pass on all these feelings directly after the gig was the strongest… Now we have June 1, 2016, and we all wonder what happened with time since. Important family matters and all too much to do at work has suppressed the impressions of this evening until now!! ‘But better late than never…’ works really in heavy metal also. Then it will be a perfect introduction to a summer in southern Sweden, which seems to have arrived a little earlier than normal. Let’s hope it also lasts longer than normal.

Katja Nielsen singer and bass player expressed the whole situation very well: “Hey, all of this people here tonight??…I thought only that my boyfriend would show up!”

Arre! Arre! performed very well and their ‘rioty’ punk rock created the perfect atmosphere at KB, Malmö, and prepared us all for the really angry boys of Refused from Umeå, Sweden.

Please, check out more on the band via the link and let us here introduce the members as:

Anna Palmer, Katja Nielsen, Lidia Damunt, Anna Jonsson