On vinyl in own collection: Sagor (The Sign Records, 2020, repressing), Äppelträdet (The Sign Records, 2018, repressing ) and Eorpe (Fuzzorama Records, 2018)

Being big supporters of Skraeckoedlan from Norrköping, SE, we have followed via social media their documented successful touring in Europe lately and have with longing eyes waited for an announcement of concert dates within geographical reach, like Helsingborg or Malmö. Happily we can now see on their Instagram account that Skraeckoedlan seems to enter into the metalsouth region on Dec. 2, 2021, at Plan B in Malmö before moving on to Denmark. We are now desperately trying to find out when and where tickets are released. But definitely – if Skraekoedlan is on the way to Malmö – we will be there waiting.

To classify bands and the style of music they play is alway hard and sometimes bands are unique in sound and performance and is not really possible to classify. To guide new listeners of the fabulous music of Skraeckoedlan we discussed a phrasing when preparing this post, but were helped by the band itself on Instagram with an urgin: “Tag your favorite psychedelic stoner/doom band that sings in Swedish and have a band name you can’t pronounce, and see if they reply.”

The Skraeckoedlan sound is their own and is very characteristic, but to make a comparison and some guidance we have to mention bands with sounds like Clutch, Kyuss and the more local Skånska Mord, i.e. with stoner influences.

The band was formed in 2009 in Norrköping, SE, and are: Robert Lamu, Henrik Grüttner, Martin Larsson and Erik Berggren. We take the opportunity to also pay tribute to fantastic artwork and design on the vinyl covers by Johan Leion ( (source: vinyl covers in picture above and Wikipedia)

We cannot think of a better re-start of going to a live concert now when corona restrictions in Sweden have been repealed. And wouldn’t it be great to post a few great pictures from the gig. That’s the plan at Plan B and very welcome here with your great riffs and hard hitting drums!!

Vamonos! Vamonos!

Version 3

The following posts are in memory of a beloved father, husband, grandfather, father-in-law and a really good friend to many. He passed away this summer on Friday, July 15, 2016. It was unexpected and it created immediate emptiness! The man we knew left a big black hole in many of us. To handle sorrow it’s, of course, very individual…I think, myself handled via being very engaged in practical things from the funeral planning, the funeral itself to the mandatory tax return on the estate of the deceased…even the old accountant is now talking. Reality has arrived. The factual situation that the old, funny and wise man will not come around the corner anymore has deeply sunk in. The posts to follow will be before and after the death day of July 15th, 2016 and will all be in memory of a man who led a life with content, speed and feeling.

Version 3

Version 3We were one son and two grandsons, who decided to still use our since long purchased tickets for the Clutch gig at KB, Malmö on August 9th, 2016. We decided that life moves on and my father would have wished us to go all days of the week.

Version 3

The evening was magical and KB was packed to the last square meter. The queue at the bars were too long to be satisfying…beer was in demand! Great songs were pushed from the electrical stage into the crowd. ‘Electric Worry’ became the tribute for my father with the positive life leading chorus… ‘Vamonos! Vamonos! The latest top album ‘Psychic Warfare’ (Sea Gator Music, ASCAP, 2015) was well represented and the feeling was concrete that this is topnotch quality and should be Arena. Clutch would make it as well as bands like AC/DC and Black Sabbath.

Version 3

Version 3

Clutch from Germantown, Maryland, US: Neil Fallon (vocals and guitar), Jean-Paul Gaster (drums and percussion), Dan Maines (bass guitar) and Tim Sult (guitar). The band was formed in 1991.

Version 3

dsc01871We were a son and two grandsons who are very grateful to Clutch reminding us that life goes on with a lot to live for. Good relationships, good music and loads of fantastic parties!!

Jesus Chrusler Supercar, from Stockholm, Sweden, were supporting act this evening and it must here be noted their importance in making a really good performance. Thanks guys, and we hope to see you soon again.

Version 3

Clutch at KB tonight!

An attempt will now be made to wake up the spirits of this blog. The summer has been full of musical events of high quality. Copenhell, Nisse Hellberg, Kim Larsen & Kjukken, Tullamore Brothers and Helltown were all very inspirational and of great music and performances. Loads of pictures ready for publication, but the plans to make many interesting posts were crushed by the passing away of my father this summer. An old man with a long and active life passed away silently, but the shock of losing a friend and a valuable speaking partner is enormous. The fact of not having him coming around the corner anymore hurts.

The time has now come to continue living with the positive memories of him and to more intensely take care of every minute of the life we have left.

For that reason, please, join us at KB, Malmö, tonight to welcome Clutch from Maryland, US. The latest and 11th studio album ‘Psychic Warfare’ is by many of us one of the best albums of 2015. Support tonight is Jesus Chrusler Supercar. Check out KB’s homepage for tickets for a real Earth Rocking evening!!


The Albums Of The Year!

A few days into the new year 2016 it feels necessary to put in a few words on the passed fantastic year 2015 of heavy metal and hard rock stemming from the metalsouth region. Numerous good albums have been released and highly effectful gigs are still fresh in memory.

Albums we would like to give honorable mentions to are 3 albums related to the metalsouth region, 1 album related to the northern part of Sweden and 2 US origin albums. Please, find the listing below first and foremost as highly recommended listenings and not as a serious attempt to make technical-or classifying analysis. It’s all about the feelings, but one album still, we feel, with a little stronger sense!!

sword-high countryThe Sword, High Country, US (Razor & Tie Recordings LLC, 2015).

The Sword has become us very warm at heart since the gig at KB, Malmö, together with Black Temple. The albums still grows by each listening.


clutch-pshychic-warfare-coverClutch, Psychic Warfare, US (Weathermaker Music LLC, 2015).

The album is highly listed in most Swedish Metal press and even the highest in some. The only pain is connected to our missing out of their tour passing by Copenhagen and Gothenburg. We hope for another chance towards the summer.

refused-freedomRefused, Freedom, SE (Epitaph Europe, 2015).

Swedish hardcore from Umeå. The album is an absolute must and the variation from song to song creates curiosity and the moment of surprises are many. A top album, which makes us book their coming gig at KB, Malmö, on Feb.26, 2016.


Hatesphere-New hellHatesphere, New Hell, DK (Massacre-records, 2015).

A really close an great encounter when supporting Soilwork at KB, Malmö. The album gives us joy and a wish to go back in the bands career. A great live band with many humorous connections to the audience.



Soilwork, The Ride Majestic, SE (Nuclear Blast Records, 2015). Fantastic and goes without saying another masterpiece from band with roots in Helsingborg, Glumslöv and Landskrona (can it be more metalsouth…?). Earlier mentioned the great gig at KB, Malmö, together with T.A.N.K. (FR) and Hatespere (DK).


Black Temple 1

Black Temple, It All Ends, SE (Razzia Notes, Century Media, 2015).

Last, but not least in our listing comes this phenomenal first album under the Black Temple name. The band has successfully toured heavily with The Sword and Swedish metal giants In Flames. Both events are covered at this blog.


We have during 2015 seen great concerts like AC DC at Friends arena, The Sword, Soilwork, Black Temple, Hatesphere and T.A.N.K. at KB Malmö. Danko Jones was angry at The Tivoli, Helsingborg, for the closing down of the club. Devil You Know, Papa Roach and Five Finger Death Punch played at the Tap 1 in Copenhagen, the same evening as the Snow Ball Xmas Beer introduction.

‘It’s all about the feelings’ and strong feelings we have from this year, but we would like to put forward Black Temple as the ‘hardest working band of 2015’, with its roots in this region and with the ‘best album of the year’, ‘It All Ends’. By this we would like to see the band at more occasions and at festivals coming up during 2016. We take the opportunity to congratulate Black Temple of taking part at the ‘MetalTown 2016 Indoors festival’ on March 12, 2016, at Trädgår’n in Gothenburg!! 2016 has all the great possibilities to be a great heavy metal year!!





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