Meshuggah rams at Moriskan!


Latest release: The Violent Sleep of Reason (Nuclear Blast Records, 2016).

Meshuggah is Jens Kidman (vocals), Fredrik Thordendal (guitars), Tomas Haake (drums), Mårten Hagström (guitars), Dick Lövgren (bass).

After the passing away of our dear father, this passed summer some adaptions have to made in order to support our mother to come back to a good life. We all want her back to her old self being one of the most positive and inspiring persons around. One step this past week was to support her in the repainting and redecoration of a bedroom. To get the 70’s inspired lilac wallpapers modernised into something more neutral like white.

After the first day of paintwork and with a ticket to the Meshuggah gig at Moriska Paviljongen in Folkets Park, Malmö, in the back pocket, the gradually consumed energy led to some serious doubts in going to the gig. The snowy weather came slowly into the region and the trip to Malmö by train grew into a big troublesome…’I will have to see them next time’ – kind of a doubt. Still taking the decision to go and via an ATM to secure cash for a beer or two and possibly the regular band t-shirt (the wardrobe is now abnormally packed with these and I wonder…is there any value to band t-shirts?) Withdrawing 500 SEK in cash the snow fell more and more intensely…and it was big flakes and the really wet kind…starting to get soaking wet, the energy level below zero and doubts were possible to grip concretely…as from nowhere, from above or from down under, the thought came into mind…’but come on…are you a metalhead or not?’ A snowy-, grey haired-, wet-, middle aged man went on the train to Malmö and shouted into the train compartment: MESHUGGAH!!


‘Meshugah’ is a Yiddish and Hebrew word, which means ‘crazy’. The band’s really extreme sound is classified in various ways where ‘progressive metal’, avant-garde metal’ and even ‘mathematical metal’ is stated. In comparison with all other bands and genres of metal described by metalsouth this band represents the heaviest and most technical.

The evening of February 23, 2017, was ‘totally crazy’ and people in the fully packed Moriska Paviljongen this evening tried to describe the performance in various ways: ‘It’s like being run over by a car 5 times!’ or ‘My mom used to have one of these old mangle machines…to have yourself mangled back and forth a couple of times…!’

Meshuggahs is from Umeå up North in Sweden and was originally formed by Fredrik Thordendahl in 1985 as ‘Metallien’ and changed their name to ‘Meshuggah’ in 1987. (Source: The Heaviest Encyclopedia Of Swedish Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Ever!, Janne Stark, Premium Publishing, 2013)

‘Mathematical metal’ is interesting, but is related to a very innovative and complicated music style and the specially made 8 string guitars, which put extra demands on the player, but also gives the Meshuggah sound, which creates massive character.

The gig was the first one of the band for metalsouth, but was so energy giving that the band will be covered as far as possible for future and regional performances. Thanks for the direction from above to plow through all of that wet snow and big thanks to the band for an excellent performance!!

Kongh led the way to Moriskan!

The heavy beat of dark drums and bass led the way through the snow in Malmö passing KB and continued a circa hundred meters to Folkets Park to arrive at Moriska Paviljongen. The building was at risk, but was standing strong an prepared to meet the heavy 8 string guitars, bass and drums of Meshuggah.

Kongh is David Johansson – guitar, bass and vocals, Tomas Salonen – drums, Olle Hedenström – guitar (live), Jörgen Sandström – bass (live).

The album ‘Counting Heartbeats (Trust No One, 2007)’ was listed no 12 of the Close-Up Magazine #192 (February 2017) of the ’25 Doom Metal Albums – you must listen to before you die’. Great many thanks also to Kongh for a great meeting and serious sound waves.

Vamonos! Vamonos!

Version 3

The following posts are in memory of a beloved father, husband, grandfather, father-in-law and a really good friend to many. He passed away this summer on Friday, July 15, 2016. It was unexpected and it created immediate emptiness! The man we knew left a big black hole in many of us. To handle sorrow it’s, of course, very individual…I think, myself handled via being very engaged in practical things from the funeral planning, the funeral itself to the mandatory tax return on the estate of the deceased…even the old accountant is now talking. Reality has arrived. The factual situation that the old, funny and wise man will not come around the corner anymore has deeply sunk in. The posts to follow will be before and after the death day of July 15th, 2016 and will all be in memory of a man who led a life with content, speed and feeling.

Version 3

Version 3We were one son and two grandsons, who decided to still use our since long purchased tickets for the Clutch gig at KB, Malmö on August 9th, 2016. We decided that life moves on and my father would have wished us to go all days of the week.

Version 3

The evening was magical and KB was packed to the last square meter. The queue at the bars were too long to be satisfying…beer was in demand! Great songs were pushed from the electrical stage into the crowd. ‘Electric Worry’ became the tribute for my father with the positive life leading chorus… ‘Vamonos! Vamonos! The latest top album ‘Psychic Warfare’ (Sea Gator Music, ASCAP, 2015) was well represented and the feeling was concrete that this is topnotch quality and should be Arena. Clutch would make it as well as bands like AC/DC and Black Sabbath.

Version 3

Version 3

Clutch from Germantown, Maryland, US: Neil Fallon (vocals and guitar), Jean-Paul Gaster (drums and percussion), Dan Maines (bass guitar) and Tim Sult (guitar). The band was formed in 1991.

Version 3

dsc01871We were a son and two grandsons who are very grateful to Clutch reminding us that life goes on with a lot to live for. Good relationships, good music and loads of fantastic parties!!

Jesus Chrusler Supercar, from Stockholm, Sweden, were supporting act this evening and it must here be noted their importance in making a really good performance. Thanks guys, and we hope to see you soon again.

Version 3

Clutch at KB tonight!

An attempt will now be made to wake up the spirits of this blog. The summer has been full of musical events of high quality. Copenhell, Nisse Hellberg, Kim Larsen & Kjukken, Tullamore Brothers and Helltown were all very inspirational and of great music and performances. Loads of pictures ready for publication, but the plans to make many interesting posts were crushed by the passing away of my father this summer. An old man with a long and active life passed away silently, but the shock of losing a friend and a valuable speaking partner is enormous. The fact of not having him coming around the corner anymore hurts.

The time has now come to continue living with the positive memories of him and to more intensely take care of every minute of the life we have left.

For that reason, please, join us at KB, Malmö, tonight to welcome Clutch from Maryland, US. The latest and 11th studio album ‘Psychic Warfare’ is by many of us one of the best albums of 2015. Support tonight is Jesus Chrusler Supercar. Check out KB’s homepage for tickets for a real Earth Rocking evening!!


metalsouth wakes up from the dead!

Version 2

metalsouth is back after a couple of months of ‘other occupations’. To be able to pass on the impressions and great feelings from KB, Malmö on February 26, 2016, via a few words and more images is just the perfect comeback!! Now the summer festival season is upcoming and we can promise some great post related to concerts and smaller gigs. Why not follow us at Copenhell in Copenhagen only a few metres away from real hell during June 23-25, 2016, and Clutch at the great place KB, Malmö, on August 9, 2016. Some more really great events are upcoming. Not to forget the real fine musical new record experiences from bands like Entombed AD, Black Stone Cherry, Tremonti and the successfull experiment Hollywood Vampires. Thanks for your patience of still hanging in there reading our stuff and let’s continue roll, metal friends.

Refused! Refused!


It’s very tempting to write a lot about this bands really colorful history. Successful album releases, US tours, break ups and reunions. The bands history we leave aside at a magical evening like this. A personal reflection presented is that Refused was connected to metalsouth during 2015 due to the ‘Freedom’ (Epitaph, 2015) album release, not immediately to the musical content, but to the best looking album cover of the year. Paintings made by Fredrik Söderberg and Design by Daniel Andersson are absolutely wonderful and the buying of a 180 gr. vinyl full size design is obvious. Taking the next step listening to the tracks makes the album’s cultural experience one of the most fully fledged products we encountered during the year of 2015.

Recommended tracks: Elektra, Francafrique, Thought is Blood, Destroy the Man and Servants of Death. The whole album is complete!!

The gig at KB, Malmö on February 26, 2016, was one of the pearls of KB’s long list of great shows and hosting. One of the fine surprises of the evening was to see Mattias Bärjed (Free Fall and The Soundtrack Of Our Lives) the all metalsouth favorite, who can be found in separate post at this blog. Let us pass on the feeling of the concert…hardcore, punk, angry, politically spot on and interesting. These guys are at its best at an evening like this and a definite world class band. Our embarrassment of paying only SEK 300 (EUR 30) for the ticket is compensated by buying the band’s ‘Freedom’ T-Shirt and the 180 gr. vinyl with the fantastic cover. Just get it and be happy!! Some photos to join us in a concrete feeling lasting after more than 3 months!! metalsouth is back, metal friends!!









Refused is: Dennis Lyxzén – Vocals

Kristofer Steen – Guitar

Magnus Flagge – Bass

David Sandström – Drums

During the Refused Freedom 2015 tour supported by the great guitarist Mattias Bärjed.










Arre! Arre!



The evening of February 26, 2016, was perfect and the show was grand. Many of us oldies were there for the return of Refused and to get the live addition to the fantastic album Freedom (Epitaph, 2016) one of the best ever from 2015. Luckily we were there in good time to listen to the support of Arre! Arre! locally from Malmö, which surprised us in a really positive manner. The intention to pass on all these feelings directly after the gig was the strongest… Now we have June 1, 2016, and we all wonder what happened with time since. Important family matters and all too much to do at work has suppressed the impressions of this evening until now!! ‘But better late than never…’ works really in heavy metal also. Then it will be a perfect introduction to a summer in southern Sweden, which seems to have arrived a little earlier than normal. Let’s hope it also lasts longer than normal.

Katja Nielsen singer and bass player expressed the whole situation very well: “Hey, all of this people here tonight??…I thought only that my boyfriend would show up!”

Arre! Arre! performed very well and their ‘rioty’ punk rock created the perfect atmosphere at KB, Malmö, and prepared us all for the really angry boys of Refused from Umeå, Sweden.

Please, check out more on the band via the link and let us here introduce the members as:

Anna Palmer, Katja Nielsen, Lidia Damunt, Anna Jonsson





Refused at KB tonight!

metalsouth wakes up with new energy and joy to join in at KB, Malmö, tonight!

Refused, Swedish hardcore from Umeå, creates some tension before the gig tonight with one of the best albums of 2015, Freedom (Epitaph Europe, 2015). We look forward to this evening and send warm welcomes to Refused!!

Arre! Arre! supports and all should be there at 20.00 to see them start!!

Join up for a great evening at KB!


The Tour Majestic with double heavy support!

DSC01333New Soilwork band member Marcus Wibom has some big shoes to fill of Ola Flink, who left just before the release of the latest album The Ride Majestic (Nuclear Blast Records, 2015). In the memory of many super energetic perfomances by Flink, Marcus Wibom filled not only the shoes of his predecessor, but also all square metres of the stage at KB, Malmö, this Friday evening November 27, 2015. A little bit of a new character of Soilwork, but millions of thanks to Ola Flink for all the wonderful music you have given over the years. Soilwork is world class this evening. All technical problems of microphones and sound is taken care of by Soilwork’s intensive and packaged performance. The album has received the lowest and the highest scores in Swedish reviews, but the metalsouth concept of finding the positive energy in the creative work of hard working musicans says that the album and the show performed is World Class!

Photo Gallery of Soilwork: Björn Strid, Sylvain Coudret, Dirk Verbeuren, Sven Karlsson, David Andersson and Marcus Wibom.





The first entrance on stage this evening was French melodic death metalists T.A.N.K. – Think of A New Kind, which immediately created a good atmosphere and got the audience going. As being the first support T.A.N.K. really connected to us metalheads on the floor. A great start of a great evening. Already here we felt that the mimimal 295 SEK (30 EUR) for the ticket was well invested with a quick pay back!

Photo Gallery of T.A.N.K.: Olivier D’Aries, Raf Pener, Clément Rouxel, Nils Courbaron, Charly Jouglet.


DSC01254 DSC01253

DSC01274 DSC01265When normally at KB the support has concluded the main act would enter the stage, but this evening guests at KB would really get their thirst for melodic death metal quenched. Danish Hatesphere entered and chances of a successful multicultural metal evening were obvious. Loads of fun and generous references from singer Esben ‘Esse’ Hansen on the recent football win of Sweden’s (or read Zlatan I’s two crucial goals) national team over Denmark in the European qualification play off round were stated. We’re happy to have met these intense Danish guys and the trifold efforts together with T.A.N.K. and Soilwork made this evening one of the best.

Photo Gallery of Hatesphere: Esben ‘Esse’ Hansen, Mike Park Nilesen, Jakob Nyholm and Peter ‘Pepe’ Lyse Hansen.



DSC01301 DSC01277



KB sold out!


October 23, 2015, and KB, Malmö is sold out! Melodic death metal giants and legends     In Flames from Gothenburg, Sweden, and Black Temple, Helsingborg, Sweden, revisits KB as yet another successful support. On August 28, 2015, Black Temple and The Sword from Austin, Texas, gave the Malmö audience one of the best performances there ever experienced.



Anders Fridén, who started his singing career in Dark Tranquility in 1989 is singer in In Flames since 1995. Dark Tranquility also gives good memories from KB and can be read about below at metalsouth. The co-operation with Black Temple is only natural since Black Temple’s album release It All Ends was done via Anders Fridén’s Razzia Notes, which is a sub label to Razzia records (Century Media).

The floor at KB was so full of enthusiastic metalheads that when my best pair of ear plugs dropped on the floor they could never be found again. To start looking would be a risk not worth taking.

Black Temple performs with intensity and in comparison with the gig two months ago the touring with In Flames has given even more spectactular scene effects and the performance is even tighter. With this development Black Temple deserves to very soon be on the big scenes and arenas. They should soon be a natural choice for the bigger festivals. Why not at Sweden Rock the summer of 2016??

In Flames are professionals and with correct location in the club the sound becomes really good. Many of the songs are so well known that Anders Fridén can hand over the singing to the floor.


Merchandise: Black Temple T-shirt, SEK 200 (EUR 21), which we consider as really priceworthy. The text ‘These woods have always been here in here I can’t grow old’ fits well with the motif of black dark woods. Also attractive are the vinyl textile bags to carry home the vinyl ‘It All Ends’ or to be used for a university student for literature.



Black Temple and In Flames – KB, today and tomorrow!


To make it completely clear…Black Temple (Helsingborg) and In Flames (Gothenburg) plays at KB, Malmö, tonight October 22 and tomorrow October 23, 2015. Read more about Black Temple’s latest appearance at KB as support to The Sword. The two coming performances are completely sold out and we look forward to tomorrow when we have tickets. Stay put for coverage in a couple of days.