A Metalsouth Year – Dark and Light!

The past year 2013 has music wise and with a metalsouth perspective been a very strong and positive year. Really good albums have been released by bands from the region and many fantastic and forever memorable live acts have taken place in towns locally and on reasonble distance. The festival Metaltown in Gothenburg in July was a prime fiesta! Bad news can now be read that 2014 will be skipped and full planning is instead in process for 2015. The main reason is that the coming summer will be pretty strong on hard rock and heavy metal events in southern Sweden and Metaltown has for that reason without real success found strong headline acts. Still it’s great to read that the planning is set for 2015 and all the best luck to all working with the festival. A recommendation is hereby given to all interested metalheads to propose bands on the Metaltown website. My own immediate idea would, naturally, be Soilwork (again), Darkane, Black Temple and Free Fall.


The darkest moment of the year was when my Aunt passed away during Spring. She has now joined my father-in-law, my cousins and many more dearly missed friends and relatives. My strong belief is that they all have a really good time together…wherever their souls are…celebrating a real New Year’s Party!!


As previously described, my Aunt’s funeral was very inspirational in the sense that her way of planning for the music during service made me think about the appropriate music for my own. In her memory should the lyrics from the fabulous Soilwork ‘The Living Infinite II’ be quoted, and let’s say that a few lines would here be perfectly placed:

Music & Lyrics: Strid

“…the feelings you carry won’t ever die, they’re one with eternity, the tears you’ve shed, the words you’ve said, are all a part of a constant realm, wuthering emotions, turn into mindful dust, the reality you’ve known, has always fed your trust…”


Please, find below some words on the most recommended Album releases from a metalsouth perspective. It’s been a great year with great albums, songs and live acts, which have lifted my life to wuthering heights!

A Happy New 2014 Year from Metalsouth in Helsingborg, Sweden!! Get ready for the PARTY!!

Darkane and Dark Tranquillity – Guides to the light through darkness!

When having confirmed by all the television weather men and women that the storm ‘Sven’ left our southern region to continue up north a feeling of great relief filled us all. Living in a weather stable area with four concrete seasons we now also face the strength of an affected nature and devastating storms arriving on a more frequent basis. ‘Sven’ was nasty and all the sympathy is hereby directed to all effected property owners.

The feeling of great relief promoted the possibility to still go to Kulturbolaget (KB) in Malmö on Sunday December 8, to listen to and support first of all Darkane and have a personally new live experience with Dark Tranquillity from Gothenburg, Sweden.

‘A picture is worth a thousands words’ and I will hereby try to forward the greatness of firstly Darkane, band members previously presented here in an earlier post, and the very experienced Dark Tranquillity. Band members to be presented below. Massive darkness may be the impression, but the feeling of happiness was concrete leaving Malmö close to midnight after Harkla (start),  Darkane (support) and Dark Tranquillity (headline). Darkness in music gives light in life!!