The Album of the Day!

Soilwork (Helsingborg, Sweden)imagesCABPLWDJ

The Panic Broadcast, 2010, Nuclear Blast

As here earlier described, are there strong feelings for the latest release from Soilwork The Living Infinite, but I will here start with my first album encounter with Soilwork via a free CD in the magazine Close-Up some three years ago. Since then I have purchased all of the Soilwork album production enjoying and discovering a depth in music and lyrics.

Recommended tracks (and in the following order): The Thrill, Night Comes Clean, Epitome

Amorphis (Helsinki, Finland)Amorphis_-_Skyforger[1]

Skyforger, 2009, Nuclear Blast

From a metalsouth point of view if Soilwork is of liking Amorphis can be an additional ingredient into the field of melodic death-and heavy metal. This album took me through a weekly vacuum cleaning of the house. Vacuum cleaning can be rather inspirational this way!!

Recommended tracks: Sampo, Sky is Mine, Majestic Beast, Skyforger

Entombed (Stockholm, Sweden)Entombed1

Left Hand Path, 1990, Earache Records

As mentioned as a t-shirt reference in the first post of this blog Entombed started as Nihilist in 1987. In 1989 they continued as Entombed and released their first album Left Hand Path in 1990. When cheating and going slow during a gym session Entombed is a great energy raiser. Their first album is one of their absolute best! Their coming album release beginning of 2014 will be of highest interest. Any direction back to the origin would be fantastic!

Recommended tracks: Left Hand Path, Supposed to Rot, Bitter Loss, Morbid Devourment, Abnormally Deceased…and all other.

Upcoming events

Bombus and Black Temple – Into The Fire European Tour 2013

How happy we were when it was confirmed that Black Temple will support Bombus on the main part of their European tour this autumn/winter. Tomorrow November 18, the party all starts in Frankfurt, DE, at the Nachtleben. Just check out the band’s respective homepage and Facebook below for more information about tour dates and locations. I definitely aim to be at the Beat in Copenhagen on December 7. An easy train ride on a Saturday afternoon on for a great time and Metalsouth experience. Best of luck for a super successful tour! As here earlier described, based upon the two bands recent live performances all points in the direction of total success!!



Soilwork – ‘death’ at its best!

DSC_0244The Living Infinite I (Music & Lyrics: Strid)

‘Surrender…Will there still be a place for me to grow?

Transcend me beyond this source we thought we knew

Like the river kissed this darkened sea

The shelter has to be somewhere beneath

Let me go…To where the purity comes alive

Drown me…In the living infinite, let me go’

My old Auntie died this past spring and she had prepared her funeral in the white archive, which is rather common these days. She had selected the hymns, the Reverend and the food to be served at the traditional coffee gathering after the ceremonial service. Her fine funeral made me think a lot about how I would like to have my own funeral. Hopefully, there’s still some time to go, but, of course, it would be nice to have selected at least the music to be played at the service. I have found the initial text lines of the first title song of this year’s album release from Soilwork, The Living Infinite, so strong that it is today my natural choice for the opening of my own funeral service. To have the church accept Soilwork live fully geared up and at full blast may be dreaming of the unreachable, but to have the song played from a CD player would be almost as fine and strong. The last alternative would be if Soilwork over the years (before it’s time) have produced an acoustic version to be played over some strong speakers. The words of this opus are so strong that they simply must be in the room.


Soilwork, at KB in Malmö on last Saturday November 9, 2013, was a tight group having over the past year done numerous gigs all over the world’s different continents, opening up with ‘This Momentary Bliss’ and keeping an intense one hour forty minutes enormous party in the place for us being present. My high expectations mainly originating from one of Metaltown’s best performances last summer were completely met. I could also happily find the review in this morning’s local Helsingborgs Dagblad and understand that a more technical analysis of the performance was of a really high mark. The only disappointment of the evening was that too many metalheads out there missed this wonderful opportunity to see live one of the world’s greatest Melodic Death Metal bands. I would guess that at least a hundred more people would have easily found a space on the floor of KB.

Some wonderful news…I can only hope it will become real…comes from Stefan Lindqvist, who has written an article in Helsingborgs Dagblad on November 8, 2013, referring to an interview with Björn Strid that there are plans for Soilwork and Darkane to go on tour together. To see these two bands with members having roots in the region south of Helsingborg play on the same concert would be absolutely too good to be true!! The side project of Björn Strid and David Andersson ‘The Night Flight Orchestra’ is also worthwhile to listen into. Although, they will not qualify at my funeral, if you see what I mean!!


To follow the tradition of introducing band members, Soilwork is:

Björn ‘Speed’ Strid (Vocals), Dirk Verbeuren (Drums), Ola Flink (Bass), Sven Karlsson (Keyboards), Sylvain Coudret (Guitars) and David Andersson (Guitars). To say that this band is the prime representative of ‘Metalsouth’ is an understatement, since they originate from Helsingborg, south of Helsingborg, Holland and France. Thanks for the greatest show, which is among the top three performances on my list!!


We also direct our thank you to Keep of Kalessin (Norway) and Deals Death (Gothenburg) for their great supporting performances!

(Inspirational articles and Reviews: Helsingborgs Dagblad, Stefan Lindqvist, Nov. 8 and Nov. 11)

Upcoming events

This Saturday November 9, one of my absolute favourite bands, Soilwork, will play at Kulturbolaget (KB) in Malmö.


I have ever since intensely listening through their recorded career tried hard to see them live. Soilwork also opened my eyes for the metal, which originates from this area south of Helsingborg. More on that later. At Metaltown in Gothenburg this passed summer the dream came true. It was a fantastic hour and to now see them at KB in Malmö as a headline act on Saturday will be a feast! 

Free Fall – a tribute!


Tickets were bought to see Swedish band Graveyard from Gothenburg on Fri. March 8, 2013, at the main stage, Tivoli, in Helsingborg. My accompanying friend called me the day before and made me aware about the supporting act for the concert. Free Fall, my friend said, ‘you know, it’s the band Mattias Bärjed formed after the split up of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (TSOOL) in 2012’. I had heard about it, but had no real idea which kind of hard rock they play. ‘Pretty interesting!’ and we agreed to be there in time to study the supporting act critically. Firstly, to see band members themselves struggling to get the gear in place on the Tivoli stage gave a really good impression! Secondly, what was delivered made me decide immediately if I ever get a chance to promote this band and its music I will do my best! I have spread the word the best I can and can hereby more concretely recommend to buy the premiere release from this year (2013) ‘Power & Volume’. Nuclear Blast is the record company and some interesting material on the start up of the band can be found on their homepage. The band consists of Jan Martens (bass), Mattias Bärjed (guitars), Kim Fransson (lead vocals) and Ludwig Dahlberg (drums). For many of us who grew up with AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and many more this band’s music and performance bring back joyful memories. I can understand if bands and their members get tired of critics constant comparison to other bands like the ones mentioned here, but Kim Fransson’s great voice for many of us leads back to one of the greatest, Bon Scott. Sorry, for falling into the trap of comparing, but hopefully here it may be seen as positive. Mattias Bärjed, who we know from the career of TSOOL is an excellent guitarist and his sound and physical performance is the best entertainment. In the Men’s Room after Free Fall’s fabulous performance the loud honest expressions would never stop. ‘Who are these guys? Man, they were good! Give them another hour!! We want more of this stuff!!’

For a Monday morning driving to work…and yes, very loud volume, are the songs Midnight Vulture, Top Of The World, Damnation and last but not least with the perfect name ‘Power & Volume’ the best way to get in shape for a Monday morning entrance into the office landscape!! At the next opportunity Free Fall will play live close by I will be standing in the front line.