Hard rock, happiness and health!

Thundermother and AC/DC are frequently mentioned in the same sentence, not only by us, but also in various music media. Thundermother seems to be happy with the comparison to AC/DC, but has managed to use the inspiration to create their own sound. Thundermother’s release Heat Wave (AFM Records) on 31 July 2020 came storming in, was welcomed with great reviews and made us old AC/DC fans happy, i.e. someone takes pride in carrying the tradition into the future. Only a few months later rumors about a new AC/DC album started to get around. Then marketing signs stating ‘PWR UP’ started to show up all over the Globe. 13 Nov. 2020 AC/DC released its 17th studio album the phenomenal Power Up (Columbia, Sony Music). In a year of global hardship, we salute these two bands, which spread excellent hard rock, happiness and health.

To note is that Thundermother performs live tonight (Thursday, 18 Dec. 2020) in Swedish TV show, Musikhjälpen (Music Aid) to help collect money in the name of ‘no-one shall be left without health care, your music saves lives’. Take the opportunity to contribute, wish music or participate in Thundermother’s own collection and competition.

Speaking of competition, the metalsouth ‘A C D C P W R U P’ still life picture, recently posted, was one of three AC/DC fan actions nationally (via Facebook) awarded by Sony Music Sweden. Happily received the prize was the Power Up album (red vinyl) and a really cool AC/DC PWR UP hat. Thanks to Sony Music Sweden for the prize, which is heavily appreciated.

Please, note that after our latest post on the Power Up Album it has received excellent and more correct reviews like in Rock’n’Roll Magazine, Issue #1/2021, page 41, 4 of 5 and Sweden Rock Magazine, issue #11/2020, page 78, 8 of 10.

Finally, let us wish Thundermother good luck tonight and forward hopes of more future releases from two happiness spreading bands.

Thundermother, KB, Malmö, 17 March, 2018.
AC/DC, Friends Arena, Solna, 19 July, 2015.

Mission complete!


The moment at Friends Arena, Solna, Sweden, July 19, 2015, will never be forgotten. The arena was full to the limit and counted for 53.686 people. The Swedish National Arena, is mainly used for football home game matches for the local AIK and the National Team. After Zlatans’s four goals vs. England on November 15, 2012, many wanted to rename it to ‘The Zlatan Arena’. The noticable difference between a concert event and a football match is that all cheer for the same team. This time Friends hosted AC/DC and all 53.686 pointed their energy in the same direction…towards the stage. No conflict, no violence…pure positive energy and happiness.

Paris (Bercy) February 25, 2009, Gothenburg (Ullevi) June 21, 2009, Stockholm (Stadion) June 3, 2010, were 3 fantastic events vistited on the Black Ice Tour. The band delivered fantastic concerts to its fans and got fantastic reviews with the highest scores. ‘The best live band in the world!!’ could be read in main newspapers.

For the Rock or Bust Tour Malcolm Young and Phil Rudd are replaced with Stevie Young and Chris Slade. The moment of the evening is magic! The mission of having also our daughter to see the band live was achieved and all family members are now with the right musical schooling!!

Some reviews in Swedish papers were disappointing to read giving the band medium scores. The main arguments being that singing and tightness not being what it once was. We, on the contrary, would like to give Brian Johnson a particular thank you, who at 67 still is touring, singing a terribly tough style and still taking the high notes. The excellent performances of Angus Young, Chris Slade, Stevie Young and Brian Johnson all lead to that 53.686 people had a AC/DC party never to be forgotten.


Danko Jones fills the house!

Sold out!! It stated on all posters over town. In Helsingborg with 132.000 people, not all being metalheads, unfortunately, it isn’t very common with a sold out event like this. For a change I bought the tickets many months in advance, since the combination of Bombus, from Gothenburg and Danko Jones was very interesting. The Canadian band Danko Jones (formed in 1996) has a special relationship to Sweden since all released five studio albums are from the Swedish record company Bad Taste Records. The band consists of Danko Jones (guitars, vocals), John Calabrese (bass) and Rich Knox (drums).To have secured my tickets in time was my lucky shot. Danko Jones not only filled the house. They rocked the roof out of Tivoli! AND it was Friday October 25, 2013.


Danko Jones I saw for the first time live at the Metaltown festival in Gothenburg this passed summer. Not only the band’s live performance was great, but to listen to Danko Jones talking to us in the crowd between the songs gave a lot of good laughs! ‘After all these years playing at Metaltown we now understand why we keep on getting invited…it’s only to give all of you metalheads a break in the massive sound attacks of the other metal bands here at Metaltown’ (as one example of Danko Jones’ comments). Also at the Tivoli yesterday he provoked parts of the audience only to take it back before leaving the stage. Danko Jones has played the Tivoli since 2002 and has here the faithful group of fans to sell the place out! His monthly chronicles in the Close-Up Magazine are always great to read and gives a good ground to many laughs and knowledge building in this field.


No further reviews or marks are necessary. It was excellent! It was the perfect rock night out in Helsingborg. Please, continue to come to Helsingborg and sell the whole place out again and again!!