Four Albums of a Copenhagen Day

Yesterday, was a fantstic summer day in this beautiful region of southern Sweden and Denmark. My wife and I went for a day trip to Copenhagen on the hottest day of the summer, BUT how great it was! I want to take the opprtunity to thank my wife for this initiative. It gave me the possibility to visit one of my favorite record stores and one of the few remaining, which sells new releases over the counter. My wife and I split up for a few hours and I went strolling to SEX BEAT RECORDS at Studiostraede 18 soon to find out that it was not there anymore. I was in shock and the massive feeling of sorrow as I felt when my life line i Helsingborg the WELOVEMUSIC store closed some 2 years ago. No-no, it can’t be true! After asking around and being helped by the basement restaurant it was only comforting to hear that the new address is Studiostraede 3, some hundreds metres down the same street. After a high pulse and some running I could find it still being active, although on a smaller, but slightly more efficient area. I was happy to meet with the store owner who happily explained how much better this location is.

I can therefore only promote as a great purchase possibility and mine were:

140403-jack-white-lazaretto[1] Jack White, Lazaretto (Third Man Records, 2014):

After a few songs a great impression of this non-metal, but really guitar strong hard rock album. It makes me really happy, I must say!!

51MSV6KQM5L[1]Queens Of The Stone Age, Lullabies To Paralyze (Interscope Records, 2005):

Personally, a new encounter, but a tip from a good friend who also said that Jack White is a must!!


MI0003758836[1]Mastodon, Once More Round The Sun (Reprise Records, 2014):

Mastodon, an old favourite of mine, and the theme inspired albums the super group produces are always of highest quality. Another victory!


MI0001501589[1]Pantera, Vulgar Display of Power (Rhino Entertainment Co, 2012):

Since my encounter with Philip H. Anselmo, former Pantera singer, I have listened my way through parts of Panteras carreer. More on Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals’ gig at KB, Malmö, some weeks ago will come later.

In conclusion, of this post, there will be more concrete impressions from these albums later. BUT I would here like in particular to thank my wonderful wife for a great day in Copenhagen. You’re the best and I still have hopes to convert you into a metalhead one sunny day!!

metalsouth raises before The Final Collapse

metalsouth more or less raises from the dead…

Due to a job change my mind has been occupied with getting the new stuff in and getting the old out!! Now when debits and credits have balanced finally and vacation time has arrived more great opportunities to catch up on several events during the Spring and Summer season are given.

Please, be ready for a season resume with great pictures and some real metalsouth impressions.


…among others, the clinically well performing Joe Bonamassa at the Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, Blekinge. The best performance of the festival?? This is the opinion of many!


Darkane as support together with Mörbultad (‘Battered’, Helsingborg hard core) to Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals at KB in Malmö. ENERGYYYY!!!

DSC00182…or Kayser as support to Outtrigger at Tivoli in Helsingborg earlier this Spring, which became a pretty peculiar situation, when the expected headline act all of a sudden became the support… Experience over youth?? Both give their best and the headline band was worth waiting and taking another final beer for!!


Since metalsouth is now up again, although stumbling…there will be more soon…

(Ref.: Some very inspirational lyrics in Soilwork’s song The Windswept Mercy in the double CD The Living Infinite, Nuclear Blast, 2013, for the title of this post and to just get going, get my act together and think about what’s important in life)