metalsouth wakes up from the dead!

Version 2

metalsouth is back after a couple of months of ‘other occupations’. To be able to pass on the impressions and great feelings from KB, Malmö on February 26, 2016, via a few words and more images is just the perfect comeback!! Now the summer festival season is upcoming and we can promise some great post related to concerts and smaller gigs. Why not follow us at Copenhell in Copenhagen only a few metres away from real hell during June 23-25, 2016, and Clutch at the great place KB, Malmö, on August 9, 2016. Some more really great events are upcoming. Not to forget the real fine musical new record experiences from bands like Entombed AD, Black Stone Cherry, Tremonti and the successfull experiment Hollywood Vampires. Thanks for your patience of still hanging in there reading our stuff and let’s continue roll, metal friends.

6000 at Tap 1 on Christmas beer release evening!


First time ever on November 6, 2015, at Tap 1, a neighbour of the Carlsberg brewery and most likely the last. The arena, which is more of a ice hockey hall sized building is to be torned down and replaced by a permanent establishment.

Devil You Know, Papa Roach and Five Finger Death Punch to celebrate this fantastic evening, which is also the J-day, when the classical Christmas brewed beer, the Snowball, is released at 9:00 p.m. Copenhagen goes beserk when trucks deliver the beer to pubs and restaurants all over town. On the following Saturday morning Copenhagen smells of one physical condition: HANGOVER!


Great performances by the three bands, but Papa Roach burns the best memories into our bodies. A not completely new experience, but an awakening to a band which gives alternative rock/metal a concrete name. Papa Roach delivers a smorgasbord of drum strong beats, great singing, rap and freuquent guitar riffs. Over he last few years the band has moved in the direction of a harder and more metally sound.The morning after during a must visit to the Sex Beat Records store at Studiestraede 3 most people there agreed upon Papa Roach’s fine performance. CD buys of their latest album F.E.A.R. (Eleven Seven Music, 2015) and The Connection (Eleven Seven Music, 2012) were unavoidable.



Five Finger Death Punch is spectacular and their latest album Got Your Six (Prospect Park Music/Eleven Seven Music, 2015) a Billboard top listing over the first week after release was well represented. Some complaints over long breaks between songs, but this was most probabaly connected to the high price of the beer. A replacament of Tap1…we hope the alternative doesn’t take too long to construct…can be good. The hall’s too big to give the good feeling of nearness of a smaller club like KB, Malmö, and too small to give the arena feeling. The sound is this evening still very good and we are happy to have visited Tap1 at least this once.



(Inspirational article by http://www.gaffa.DK /John Mortensson and an after concert chat at the Sex Beat Records store at Studiestraede 3 in Copenhagen,



Merchandise: Got Your Six T-shirt for DKK300 (EUR40) is on the more expensive side of comparable band T-shirts. Still it’s a winning candidate at the next hard rock costume party!


Thanks to good friends for arranging this memorable weekend. Thanks to Copenhagen and it’s a privilege to live so close to a fantastic and culturally rich capital situated in the metalsouth region. To come back to the Snowball Beer release next year will happen independently of a heavy metal gig or not!

Masters of Intro’s


 Alter Bridge (Roadrunner Recors, 2013)

After another intense period of work, meaning frustration over not being able to maintain my main interest of great hard and loud music I ‘forced’ myself to order the since a few weeks released Soilwork Live in Helsinki DVD. When opening up the site to place my order I just came to think about the 2013 Alter Bridge release ‘Fortress’. Alter Bridge has been on my best band list ever since my good and knowledgeable colleague recommended them a few years back. I was shortly thereafter and experienced a stunning live performance at Store Vega in Copenhagen, November 10, 2011. Myles Kennedy made a permanent impression in me that evening. Everyone knew that he had been struggling with an infection, but still running through the listed tour gigs and the evening before in Gothenburg, Sweden. Black Stone Cherry supported and were in a fantastic mood and made the whole building happy. When Alter Bridge came on stage some tension could be felt and Myles Kennedy had some problems…it was obvious. After an stumbling introductory song ‘Slip To The Void’ Myles turned to the audience and apologised and added: ‘I have some shit with my throat, I will do my best, but what the fuck…you will help me, won’t you!!! The respons was so massive I felt the roof would pop off Store Vega. It was the hard working hard rocking artist in a hard working band who spoke and still did the best he could for the fans. The week before our daughter’s highly expected and wished for concert with Rihanna was cancelled just before they were to enter the arena. The comparison needs no further saying.

The Album Fortress is Alter Bridge’s fourth studio album and it’s lifegiving!! It’s to be noted after a few listenings how well the songs are built up, paces are shifted, instruments and singing are concrete and clear. I can only smile when song after song is built up after fantastic intro’s. Each song stands alone and altogether make an astonishing album product when the order of the songs are well planned. If one song is to be picked in order to picture this analysis it will have to be Track 5 ‘The Uninvited’. No comments – just listen and enjoy!!

Scott Phillips (drums), Mark Tremonti (guitar and vocals), Myles Kennedy (vocals and guitar) and Brian Marshall (bass), thank you for the best inspiration and energy…it’s a ‘Wonderful Life’!!

Four Albums of a Christmas Eve!

Christmas with all its expectations, hopes and stress. The holiday which should give a great possibility for harmony and energy intake very often ends up in family drama and stress. What could be a better prevention action than to order some of the recently released albums and in my case read about, but not yet listened to. Since, I cannot longer go into a record store to buy new releases (still, used cd’s and vinyls are doing pretty well in Sweden in the old format of a record store managed by a very knowledgeable person), my new procedure of ordering records on the internet works very well. The delivery time is normally 1-3 days and the waiting time brings back the feeling of waiting for the weekly Spiderman magazine I received as a small boy. My order this time was placed a week before Christmas and the pack landed the day before Christmas Eve. The opportunity was then given to wrap the cd’s, put a sticker on with my name with Santa as the giver and to be placed under the Christmas tree just in time for Christmas Eve. At least one Christmas gift had now been secured for the metalhead, the ousider of the family.

I can therefore only promote as a great on line purchase site with a great range of old and new music in all categories. Also their long list of films is impressive. With a very surprised face I opened up the Christmas gift with the following titles:

MI0003796875 AC DC, Rock or Bust (Colombia Music, Sony Music, 2014):

The band has a special place in my heart. It was formed in 1973 when I was 12 years old. I picked them up towards the end of the 70’s and has followed them closely ever since. My three time live encounter (Paris, Gothenburg, Stockholm) with the band during their 2009-2010 Black Ice Tour created memories for life. After a first listening of the Rock or Bust album my happy feeling flows in the direction of the Friends arena July 19, 2015. When my whole family and my brother will be happy concert goers among 50.000 more! The album has great potential with its new set up (Stevie Young replaces Malcolm ‘the great’!) and deserves a higher score than the 3 out of 5 as I have seen in most reviews.

back_to_the_front_ltd_mediabook-27584663-frntlEntombed A D, Back To The Front (Century Media Records Ltd, 2014):

Another band with a new set up. The band was formed this year after the former Entombed broke up right in the middle of a very press covered new record production. Alex Hellid, guitarist and a member from the start left the band and concerns have been risen if the sound also would leave with him. After a first listening through at the gym yesterday I must say I have severe body ache and a lust of listening to it again today. The sound is still there and this Death ‘n’ roll still with a cruel L-G Petrov on song makes it listenable for a broader group.

Black-Stone-Cherry-Magic-MountainBlack Stone Cherry, Magic Mountain (Roadrunner Records, 2014):

When L-G Petrov’s cruel voice has pounded all of my ghosts away Black Stone Cherry’s southern blues oriented riff based rock fits fine. Even lyrics are possible to follow and in some cases to sing-a-long. I like this alot and their live performance at the Store Vega in Copenhagen together with Alter Bridge November 10, 2011, is among the best I’ve seen and heard.

5-the-gray-chapter-by-slipknotSlipknot, .5: The Gray Chapter (Roadrunner Records, 2014):

My first encounter with the band was at the Metaltown festival in Gothenburg in 2010 visted together with our oldest son. He and his friends had a period end of the 90’s when Slipknot coloured their musical life. This was the introduction for me into the genre of ‘nu-metal’ with the more intense listening to bands like Slipnot and Korn. A review will here come later. Requires some focus and a few times more of listening than normal. The first few tracks now in the background makes me think about trying to get tickets to their concert in Stockholm in February!!

In conclusion, of this post, there will be more concrete impressions from these albums later. The above written may give the impression of a depressed Christmas, still in retrospect it has been good and our house is full of our dearest children, now adults and in great relations. The music here described is not my highest priority, but only a sweet addition to what is the most important in life – FAMILY!

Four Albums of a Copenhagen Day

Yesterday, was a fantstic summer day in this beautiful region of southern Sweden and Denmark. My wife and I went for a day trip to Copenhagen on the hottest day of the summer, BUT how great it was! I want to take the opprtunity to thank my wife for this initiative. It gave me the possibility to visit one of my favorite record stores and one of the few remaining, which sells new releases over the counter. My wife and I split up for a few hours and I went strolling to SEX BEAT RECORDS at Studiostraede 18 soon to find out that it was not there anymore. I was in shock and the massive feeling of sorrow as I felt when my life line i Helsingborg the WELOVEMUSIC store closed some 2 years ago. No-no, it can’t be true! After asking around and being helped by the basement restaurant it was only comforting to hear that the new address is Studiostraede 3, some hundreds metres down the same street. After a high pulse and some running I could find it still being active, although on a smaller, but slightly more efficient area. I was happy to meet with the store owner who happily explained how much better this location is.

I can therefore only promote as a great purchase possibility and mine were:

140403-jack-white-lazaretto[1] Jack White, Lazaretto (Third Man Records, 2014):

After a few songs a great impression of this non-metal, but really guitar strong hard rock album. It makes me really happy, I must say!!

51MSV6KQM5L[1]Queens Of The Stone Age, Lullabies To Paralyze (Interscope Records, 2005):

Personally, a new encounter, but a tip from a good friend who also said that Jack White is a must!!


MI0003758836[1]Mastodon, Once More Round The Sun (Reprise Records, 2014):

Mastodon, an old favourite of mine, and the theme inspired albums the super group produces are always of highest quality. Another victory!


MI0001501589[1]Pantera, Vulgar Display of Power (Rhino Entertainment Co, 2012):

Since my encounter with Philip H. Anselmo, former Pantera singer, I have listened my way through parts of Panteras carreer. More on Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals’ gig at KB, Malmö, some weeks ago will come later.

In conclusion, of this post, there will be more concrete impressions from these albums later. BUT I would here like in particular to thank my wonderful wife for a great day in Copenhagen. You’re the best and I still have hopes to convert you into a metalhead one sunny day!!