The Album of the Day!

Soilwork (Helsingborg, Sweden)imagesCABPLWDJ

The Panic Broadcast, 2010, Nuclear Blast

As here earlier described, are there strong feelings for the latest release from Soilwork The Living Infinite, but I will here start with my first album encounter with Soilwork via a free CD in the magazine Close-Up some three years ago. Since then I have purchased all of the Soilwork album production enjoying and discovering a depth in music and lyrics.

Recommended tracks (and in the following order): The Thrill, Night Comes Clean, Epitome

Amorphis (Helsinki, Finland)Amorphis_-_Skyforger[1]

Skyforger, 2009, Nuclear Blast

From a metalsouth point of view if Soilwork is of liking Amorphis can be an additional ingredient into the field of melodic death-and heavy metal. This album took me through a weekly vacuum cleaning of the house. Vacuum cleaning can be rather inspirational this way!!

Recommended tracks: Sampo, Sky is Mine, Majestic Beast, Skyforger

Entombed (Stockholm, Sweden)Entombed1

Left Hand Path, 1990, Earache Records

As mentioned as a t-shirt reference in the first post of this blog Entombed started as Nihilist in 1987. In 1989 they continued as Entombed and released their first album Left Hand Path in 1990. When cheating and going slow during a gym session Entombed is a great energy raiser. Their first album is one of their absolute best! Their coming album release beginning of 2014 will be of highest interest. Any direction back to the origin would be fantastic!

Recommended tracks: Left Hand Path, Supposed to Rot, Bitter Loss, Morbid Devourment, Abnormally Deceased…and all other.

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