Upcoming events

Black Temple supports Bombus!

On Saturday December 7 at Beta on Öresundsvej 6 in Copenhagen Black Temple (former Odyssey) from Helsingborg ends their support of Bombus from Gothenburg on their Into The Fire European Tour 2013. On this tour it’s the last chance to see and listen to these two outstanding bands together. It’s been great to follow Black Temple via Facebook and great hopes now exists that their mission will be even further spread.

Darkane supports Dark Tranquillity!

Dark Tranquillity’s World Construct tour 2013/2014 lands at Kulturbolaget (KB) in Malmö on Sunday December 8, i.e. this coming weekend. An exellent opportunity to see Darkane again and this time supporting together with bands Harkla and Tristiania from Norway.

More information on these fantastic bands and their natural metalsouth connection can be found on this blog!!

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