The Album of the Day!

Black Temple (Helsingborg, Sweden) imagesCA8DYFQG

Abysmal Despair, 2012, Transubstans Records

Black Temple, formerly called Odyssey, acts support for Bombus at the Beta in Copenhagen tonight Saturday December 7. Due to the annoying storm called ‘Sven’ in the southern Sweden public transports over the bridge to Copenhagen are negatively effected an my own prescence won’t sadly happen. The least to be done here is to strongly recommend Black Temple’s debut album Abysmal Despair (released in the name of Odyssey). Have a look at some formidable videos on Youtube and Wicked Witch is cruel!! Then a great good luck for a successful gig tonight!

Recommended tracks: Wicket Witch, Abysmal Despair, This Ship Is Sinking

Bombus (Gothenburg, Sweden)46312[1]

The Poet And The Parrot, 2013, Century Media Records Ltd

It becomes even harder to miss also Bombus this evening at the Beta in Copenhagen when reading the latest issue of the Close-Up magazine (#158) where this album is voted the second best album of the year 2013. Please, read the previous impressions on this blog and seeing them here in Helsingborg was a privilege. Then Bombus was support to Danko Jones in a sold out Tivoli! Please, Bombus, give us another chance and continue your Into The Fire Tour closer to us also in southern Sweden and, please, have Black Temple as support for total metalsouth happiness.

Recommended tracks: The Poet And The Parrot, Into The Fire, Cut Deep

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