The Album of the Day!

Darkane (Helsingborg, Sweden)28516[1]

Rusted Angel, 1998, War Music

To prepare for a highly waited for visit and welcome at the Kulturbolaget (KB) in Malmö tomorrow Sunday December 8, a recommendation of Darkane listening must take place. The debut album in connection with the latest album will be the natural selections. The connecting link is, of course, Lawrence Mackrory on vocals, who returns on the fabulous album released this year. More on that below, but this is where it all started. The feeling of a strong and consistent path of Darkane from debut until today is great. You can trust these guys. Listen to Rusted Angel and feel that the quality delivered over the years is extremely high. Have a look at the comments from their comeback gig at the Tivoli earlier this  autumn on this blog.

Recommended tracks: Bound, Rape of Mankind, Rusted Angel, July 1999


Darkane (Helsingborg, Sweden

The Sinister Supremacy, 2013, Massacre Records

At the Darkane comeback at the Tivoli in Helsingborg earlier this autumn most of the tracks on this Album were played. As described, from that gig the band did an excellent performance

in all aspects. Great to see and hear Lawrence Mackrory back on vocals. The link back to the debut album is clear an the consistency is just wonderful. No experiments on going more melodic or to try other routes for commercial purposes. It’s really rough and really authentic. You can trust these guys (as always) and the hope is that they will wake up all of their ‘older fans’ to see that the future of success lies ahead! At KB tomorrow we will be a bunch of guys welcoming them as support to Dark Tranquillity, but what a support it will be! The rumour of having Soilwork and Darkane on the stage at the same time seems to be true, but we will have to go to London into 2014 to make it happen. BUT, why not?? A one hour flight and this dream will come true!!

Recommended tracks: The Sinister Supremacy, Ostracized, Humanity Defined…and more or less all other tracks!!

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