KB sold out!


October 23, 2015, and KB, Malmö is sold out! Melodic death metal giants and legends     In Flames from Gothenburg, Sweden, and Black Temple, Helsingborg, Sweden, revisits KB as yet another successful support. On August 28, 2015, Black Temple and The Sword from Austin, Texas, gave the Malmö audience one of the best performances there ever experienced.



Anders Fridén, who started his singing career in Dark Tranquility in 1989 is singer in In Flames since 1995. Dark Tranquility also gives good memories from KB and can be read about below at metalsouth. The co-operation with Black Temple is only natural since Black Temple’s album release It All Ends was done via Anders Fridén’s Razzia Notes, which is a sub label to Razzia records (Century Media).

The floor at KB was so full of enthusiastic metalheads that when my best pair of ear plugs dropped on the floor they could never be found again. To start looking would be a risk not worth taking.

Black Temple performs with intensity and in comparison with the gig two months ago the touring with In Flames has given even more spectactular scene effects and the performance is even tighter. With this development Black Temple deserves to very soon be on the big scenes and arenas. They should soon be a natural choice for the bigger festivals. Why not at Sweden Rock the summer of 2016??

In Flames are professionals and with correct location in the club the sound becomes really good. Many of the songs are so well known that Anders Fridén can hand over the singing to the floor.


Merchandise: Black Temple T-shirt, SEK 200 (EUR 21), which we consider as really priceworthy. The text ‘These woods have always been here in here I can’t grow old’ fits well with the motif of black dark woods. Also attractive are the vinyl textile bags to carry home the vinyl ‘It All Ends’ or to be used for a university student for literature.



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