Clutch at KB tonight!

An attempt will now be made to wake up the spirits of this blog. The summer has been full of musical events of high quality. Copenhell, Nisse Hellberg, Kim Larsen & Kjukken, Tullamore Brothers and Helltown were all very inspirational and of great music and performances. Loads of pictures ready for publication, but the plans to make many interesting posts were crushed by the passing away of my father this summer. An old man with a long and active life passed away silently, but the shock of losing a friend and a valuable speaking partner is enormous. The fact of not having him coming around the corner anymore hurts.

The time has now come to continue living with the positive memories of him and to more intensely take care of every minute of the life we have left.

For that reason, please, join us at KB, Malmö, tonight to welcome Clutch from Maryland, US. The latest and 11th studio album ‘Psychic Warfare’ is by many of us one of the best albums of 2015. Support tonight is Jesus Chrusler Supercar. Check out KB’s homepage for tickets for a real Earth Rocking evening!!


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