The Album of the Day!

Kayser - Read Your EnemyKayser (Helsingborg, Sweden)

Read Your Enemy, 2014, Listenable Records

As a contrast of Soilwork’s more melodic style, but closer to Darkane’s trash intensity this comeback release from the Helsingborg band Kayser is an extreme highlight. Track after track I smile in my car at high volume moving myself back to my teenage room playing air guitar to long intense riffs and heavy drums. In an article in Helsingborg’s Dagblad February 17, 2014 by Stefan Lindqvist the band’s style is described as American influenced thrash metal with influences initially from Megadeth, Slayer and Black Sabbath. ‘Buy, buy’ – it’s a must! Also have a look at Upcoming events. Soon it’s ‘buy, buy’ tickets for a gig at the Tivoli in Helsingborg.

Recommended tracks: Read Your Enemy, Almost Home Where I belong, He Knows Your Secrets…but, enjoy all tracks in a really compact production.

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