KB, Malmö, June 24, 2014.


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Philip H. Anselmo – Darkane – Mörbultad – made me want to go to Malmö more than anything this evening…and to be honest Darkane can make me go far. It was close that I booked a ticket to London when they toured together with Soilwork early this Spring. Mörbultad are three guys from Helsingborg, who have a reputation of  being rough and Philip H. Anselmo, of course, we know…the former Pantera singer. I had in mind to stay for Darkane and then leave for home. I stayed for a completely unforgettable evening. My good friend asked me to stay on for Philip H. Anselmo. This recommendation led to the purchase of all Pantera records and hardly Soilwork can now compete when it comes to my best gym music…only temporary!!?? I can only hope that the pictures can give some idea of a fantastic musical experience… here on this blog without one note being played.

Please, take the chance firstly to buy records CD’s and LP’s or if you live in a minimalistic home atmosphere and do not have the space to keep records in bookshelves stream and pay for the fantastic songs to give the artist financial possibilities to create more for us who are dependent on this to survive!!

Mörbultad – looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow at the Tivoli in Helsingborg. How did you manage to get Philp H. to put your band t-shirt on! Impressive work!

DSC00422 DSC00436

Darkane – forever favorites. One of the best in its genre.

Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals – why weren’t more people there? A ticket for a gig like this ca. SEK 300 (EUR 28). With a couple of beers or two an evening can end up at SEK 500 (46 EUR). I cannot see where you can better value for money. It is at the time a fantastic capre diem moment and it becomes a memory for life.

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