Roadhouze Records – a life line!

Hej, and only briefly to give credit to a great record store with the focus on used CD’s, vinyls and DVD’s.

Taking my regular Friday ‘pad-on-my-own-shoulder-for-a-good-week-lunch-walk’. After a really nice talk with the really knowledgeable staff I returned with records of Hatesphere (the sickness within, Steamhammer, 2005), Entombed (Serpent Saints, Candlelight, 2007), Entombed (Entombed, Earache Records, 1997), Scott Walker (Tilt, Mercury Records, 1995) and Scott Walker (the Drift, 4AD Ltd., 2006). My weekend is in a fantastic way saved! Thanks to Roadhouze Records and its staff. And notice, please, the price is 79 SEK (8 EUR) per record!!



scott walker-the drift

Scott Walker-Tilt

Check it out via:

Have a really nice weekend! /metalsouth

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