Danko Jones – the Tivoli personified!


Danko Jones (guitars, vocals), John Calabrese (bass) and Rich Knox (drums) does it again. On last Friday, October 16, the Tivoli in Helsingborg was packed and sold out with faithful fans of the Canadian rock’n’ rollers. The band’s latest performance, on October 25, 2013, which can be read about here at metalsouth was the first gig of the drummer Rich Knox. The aggressive attitude of Danko Jones himself gives a certain spice to their performances. To discuss certain topics with certain parts of the audience has become a bit of a trademark. This time Danko Jones made a clear statement related to the stupidity of the city council of closing down the Tivoli (moving it to another part of the city center) due to the construction of some expensive condominium apartments to be aquired by people with loads of money. Danko Jones had no problem to get support for this statement and the whole club chanted ‘Condo-condo-condo!!’! Great fun and there was a definite sense of good chances for Danko Jones to run be elected as mayor of Helsingborg. Enough with words…let the pictures speak, but it was a great evening and thanks again from all of us at the Tivoli and great hopes to see the band back in the new location one day!



Even the concert-shirt of the evening scored with highest remarks…a Canadian Toronto trophy and great memory of Danko Jones fine performances at the Tivoli over the years.


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