Drivvedsfolket – not only supports!

Actually, our wish was to enter the Metal Bar on the Saturday evening October 26, just in time for the Odyssey performance. The last time with the old name and the first with the new name Black Temple. After a good meal at the Pub Ro in the Helsingborg North Harbour area, we entered the Metal Bar at ca. 23.00 only to see a band of young guys with a pretty funny and a bit strange name ‘Drivvedsfolket’ (hard to translate, but, something like…the Driftwood People) enter the stage. Drivvedsfolket is Johan Lindman (guitars, vocals), Carl Lindman (drums), Daniel Ringlund (bass) and Christoffer Columbus (guitars). This band stems from Norrköping and plays character strong pop rock and all lyrics are in Swedish (acc. to their homepage). We were surprised to see how well they performed. Great energy an definitely here gets an honourable mention with many good lucks for the future.