Immortalized – Disturbed is back with high energy!


We discussed this summer a sneaking urge to take up Disturbed again and investigate their comeback on the scenes and record production. Happily enough we stated that the album Immortalized was on its way.

My first encounter with the band was important when taking up a more active listening to hard rock and metal again after intense years with family life and the raising of 3 small children. Loads of soccer-, basketball-and gymnastics practices and tournaments kept bad thoughts and ghosts out of my head!! The children in that sense also were and are still life savers.

Those five years ago I paid a visit to a bancruptcy sale to one of two record stores in Helsingborg. I walked around the store and stopped a while at some for me unknown bands, but with a great will to make new musical discoveries. A big hand at the end of a heavily tatooed arm picked up a CD and said: ‘You’d better try this out. I think you will like it!’ I turned around and a man in dark leather clothes, at least 210 cm above the surface looked pretty violent, but had the kindest tone of voice. ‘Try them out, listen carefully and try to find the nuance and listen to the great singing. It would be nice if we by coincidence meet somewhere so I can to hear what you think!!’ I have never met the man again, but he comes back in my thoughts as the great representative of the unspoken friendship and kindness I feel in almost all cases of visiting festivals, concerts and smaller gigs! Hard rock makes people come together!

The album I purchased from the man’s recommendation was ‘The Sickness, 10th Anniversary Edition’ (Reprise Records/Warners, 2010). I have therafter also here aquired all their albums. ‘Immortalized’ (Reprise Records/Warners, 2015) stands up to the high quality Disturbed represents. The singing is as always outstanding from David Draiman and all instruments are skillfully handled by Dan Donegan (guitars), Mike Wengren (drums, percussion) and John Moyer (bass). This album’s cover song of Simon and Garfunkel ‘The Sound of Silence’ is only proof of succesful risk taking, but great entertainment. One of their best covers, for sure. Songs like ‘Open Your Eyes’ and ‘What Are You Waiting For’ makes us happy that Disturbed is back again after four years with this great production! The North America Tour 2015/2016 seems to be more or less sold out and we can only be ready for the release of European tour dates!!