metalsouth celebrates!


Another year with great productions has passed and we continue to spread the word and try to work as brokers between metal-and hard rock fans and music produced in this region, i.e. Helsingborg, Sweden and southbound, meaning down the coastline towards Malmö and over to the great city of Copenhagen. Of course, we cannot close our doors to great music from other parts of Sweden, Europe, US and many more fantasic musical sources.

metalsouth are now also to be found at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and celebrates for example more than 4000 visits at this blog and  2130 visitors/likes so far at the newly started Facebook page:

At Instagram, where less talk and more pictures can be found

and at Twitter where many valuable links can be caught

We would like to thank everyone who visits and we hope that you will spread the word and the positive energy which is delivered by these phenomenal bands and their music.

Stay wild!! (Refused/Freedom)