Pat Benatar, Nina Hagen and Anita Lindblom

Pat Benatar (US), Nina Hagen (DE) and Anita Linblom (SE), what do they have in common? Completely different stiles, but having musical excellence effecting my upbringing and the time still living with my parents and two siblings. I was listening to Pat Benatar and Nina Hagen in my room in high volume with a closed door during the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s. My parents below in the living room listening to the Swedish popular music phenomenon Anita LIndblom with hits like ‘Sånt är livet’ (That’s the way life is; freely translated). That’s what these three have in common.

Used and a bit worn albums (reflected in the price), but still giving the good music experience of a a vinyl to be acquired at: