Supercharger – massive energy from Copenhagen!



It’s really nice to extend our metalsouth region over to our Danish neighbours and their beautiful capitol of Copenhagen. We arrived on the Friday March 28 to Tivoli mainly to see the headline and last act of the evening Helsingborg based Black Temple heavily mentioned at this blog as the hardest noise hard working band seen in ages. The six men strong Supercharger hardly fitted into the Circus stage and we felt sorry for them not to be able to act out more of their intense body language. Extremely impressive and careful soundcheck for someting like 30 minutes. For an old fan of Swedish guitarist and blues artist Mats Ronander (good albums during the 1980’s) it was great to see his and Danish rock singer Sanne Salomonsen’s son Victor Ray temporarily substituting on guitar, since Dennis Samaras left the band some time ago. These Danish hardrockers performed very well. A bigger stage and more people in the crowd would work in the benefit of the experience. Still, the guys gave all for us applauding the best we could. Thank you Supercharger and we hope to see you soon and why not on home turf in Copenhagen!